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austrial,india, newzland london
I have 8 hours and 50 minutes. Don't rush me.

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Other answers:

lol thats why mentioned some countries
ah same to you dude
  • hba
  • hba
  • hba
last year i celebrated new year with the openstudy members lol at exact 12
i hope this year with u guys
12 is gone
how many feel that 12 is so fast (12 is not gone about too lol)
i feel 12 is super fast
for 2013 u can use 2002 calender so interesting !!!
ah got no time to see 2002's
I hope doom day no postponed to 2013 lol
Ikr that would be much too long to wait
i know
  • hba
My newyear resolution (Get a calender ) :D
yup get organized
how many will be till 12'0 clock to say good bye to 12 lol what a rhyming
  • hba
In 2013, you can re-use calendars from these years: 2002, 1991, 1985, 1974, 1963, 1957, 1946, 1935, 1929, and 1918.
u know guys this is last year to see the date something like 12/12/12
yup but i can try 2002 calen but not older than that
  • hba
Okay that was some info
11 hours 32 minutes left of 2012
I Wanna use one from 1918
3 hr left
5 hours left in California
I think CA is the last place on earth to celebrate new year
haha well we get to enjoy 2012 a little longer :/
-9 hours left in India ...... i mean its already of 1/1/13 :P \(\huge \color{Hotpink}{Happy \:\: New \:\:Year !! \ddot \smile}\)
Happy new year @hartnn
Wow last year I welcomed 2012 with open study now I am saying good bye to 2012 by openstudy
happy early new years any one from the USA AND OTHER PLACES
Wish u the same
2 and 1/2 hours till 2013 in good ole Texas
@hba r u an arab
U tooo
wow you got alot of people on one question
What r ur new year resolutions
Happy happy happy new year~ With you all the best :) (Post it in the Feedback group...:S)
Later I realized is their any way I can drag this
1hr to go
Happy new year everyone, hope you all doing good.
4 hours to go
6 hours to go going to the bowling alley
Hô ooooooooooooo it is 12
Happy new year
  • hba
@tictac4456 No lol :P
Hope right now everyone on earth got new year right
except for the dead ones
is there a new year celebration in heaven or hell?
  • hba

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