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Openstudy must made in to an app for ios and android

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Honestly it wouldn't be the hard. I think they just have more important matters now.
since i got me an android over the christmasy parts .... i vote for an android app since the website itself isnt that phone friendly :)
yup i agree @amistre64 (you) that this is not at all phone friendly and i stronly suggest that their must try to make an app for ios and android

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Other answers:

  • uri
thats true........
Does anyone know how to write a simple app for android or ios? Talk to me peeps!
@Ksaimouli, I need just one OpenStudier to volunteer to write this app for all of us!!! Any volunteers?
lol, only if I could. I'm sure eventually this will be done but I don't see it coming anytime soon.
I'd do it, but I don't think visual basic/visual c++ things work for iOS, and I don't know any other languages D:
if u want to make an android app, learn how to make android apps... wanna make iOS apps, learn how to make iOS apps, and then you make the apps! :) google is your friend
I guess that'd be possible, but access to the database would also be needed, and I don't think that that'd be something that a random user would be trusted with. :P
there's something called an api... you'll learn how to use it ;) u don't need direct access to the database xD people who make twitter apps... tweetdeck, hootsuite and the rest... they don't have direct access to the database, that'd be dangerous :)
the question is if OS has an api for 3rd party developers... ;)
:O I was unaware of that.
That'd probably help :P
i have limited knowledge on API's though, you'd probably get a better understanding of how it works if you read about them :) but like i said, google is ur friend xD
i wish openstudy creators couldr teach us how to do it which will help us lot
@Preetha what u think
@ksaimouli what you ask is next to impossible but hey, miracles do happen :) if u already know how to make android apps, contact the developers directly. @shadowfiend or @farmdawgnation are the ones i'm familiar with, i'm sure i'm missing more but you can ask one of these two when you see them. @Preetha already gave a go-ahead to any volunteer who would want to do it lol so if u can, give it a shot :)
:-) all right but first i will research how to develop app and then i will ask them LOL
well, I downloaded the tool for droid development. I have to have a mac for xcode :C
So, since the android developer is confusing the crap out of me, I decided to stick with a windows phone/surface tablet/PC app for OS, but I'm trying to put a service reference in for the database, and I put in for it and it said there was an error there, so I'm kinda stuck.
make it ANDROID
The android app developer is confusing the crap out of me ._.
is ios easier
Not really. I'd need a mac to develop an iOS app, since you can only get xcode on a mac. :/
poopsidoodle, I am waiting and watching -in anticipation!
I might be able to start something but I'm relatively new in Android/Java and will need some help. The web api will need some performance boosts though.
Well Preetha, I have an idea. Since I'm not exactly sure how to make the database and stuff work, I could design the UI for it and then maybe get someone to help me out with all the functions like login and asking questions and stuff.
@poopsiedoodle I think we'll be using the current mobile layout as a reference.
Well, I don't know what the current mobile layout is. I don't have a smartphone. My phone is one of the old motorola tracfone brick models from the jurassic era.
Isnt a mobile version pretty much a mass messaging setup? just a thought.
is it done @poopsiedoodle
no. I realized that I had no idea what I was doing.
I wonder what keeps this site funded? :D..
Mashy, donations and traffic for ads. Alright, listen up, folks. I've personally messaged ShadowFiend a few times about this and have discussed it. There is already a sandbox app for this website, however, it was not released publically due to a few things. 1. The site is to large to pack down into a manageable app 2. Too much lag. 3. Lots of important live feed capabilities would have to be removed 4. No chat or online interaction It'll current be more like a forum on an IOS or iPhone. We will not see an app until funding increases and the programming/coding, dimensions can all be squashed down into a more simple language or sequence to represent the current site on a PDA that barley has 1/4 the processing power of an average computer. Hmm... Maybe someday...
1. This is where stripping functionality comes in - for example, chat is almost useless on the mobile app, so you can strip that. 2. I would say mostly created by the system infrastructure. If the code is done well there wouldn't be much lag that is created by what we can control. 3. Example? (If you're talking about the live see-somebody-reply thing, it can probably done via WebSocket) 4. Worth it, for point 1 But yes I agree, we need more funding.

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