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what role does the senate play in the lawmaking process
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The US senate enforces laws for bills that may and may not be passed. The senate also helps the president of the US with the laws that are passed.
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The legislative branch of government includes both the house and senate. The legislative branch is also called the congress and is made up of both the house and the senate. This branch of the government is called to make laws. When this process has been completed that bill goes to the president who then signs it, vetoes it or sends it back for continued debate. The lobbyist is a protected element of the constitution. It has been corrupted by politicians willing to sell their political influence for various favors. An example would the be the current health care legislation being considered. The senate is drafting a bill, when the senate has reached consensus on that bill it will move to the congress for continued debate and consideration. In that process a series of concessions will be made to draw the votes needed to meet the majority consensus. This process will start in the senate and will be repeated in the congress. The role of lobbyists as considered by the constitution is to make known the will of the people groups they represent. The American Medical association hires lobbyists to push for elements in the bill/law/legislation that benefits their interests. The insurance companies have hired lobbyists, the unions have hired lobbyists, the nursing association have hired lobbyists. There are military contractors who’ve hired lobbyists to convince politicians to vote against legislation introduced by Al Franken that would allow victims of rape to press charges. The legislation would allow employees working for American companies while oversea to press charges despite binding arbitration clauses in employment contracts. The NRA has worked through lobbyists to secure massive political favor on all issues regarding the right to bare arms. The lobbyists influence politicians through the promise of contributions to their campaigns in the future. They religious right was a political force in the eighties and early nineties, it’s endorsement ensured many conservative votes. It was the conservative religious right vote and securing it that motivated the McCain campaign to take Sara Palin on their ticket. They wanted the James Dobson religious value vote endorsement and would only get it if they agreed to bring Palin on the ticket who’s abortion, homosexuality and guns policy appeal to that element of the electorate. The legislative branch which is the senate and the congress forge bills and they are influenced by various groups with an interest in that legislation, through lobbyists. The process has been deeply corrupted over the years by money and greed. It’s rare a bill isn’t influenced by interests that conflict with the majority. It was Phil Graham who introduced legislation that broke down safeguards between commercial lending and private lending intuitions. This legislation was presented as an effort to protect new technologies from stunted growth due to over regulation. What it did instead was allow Wall Street brokers to hedge bets with the pension plans of main street investors. It was this legislation that allowed Wall Street to shore up their high risk funds with low risk funds and misrepresent their value. They continued to recycle this idea until the market could no longer shore up the expense with the housing market crash. With some intuitions declared to big to fail the government again influenced by Wall Street lobbyists gave tax payer dollars away to companies who declared to big to fail used that money to get bigger. They did this without establishing any accountability and bonus have been paid while retirements have been lost. That is the weakness of the constitutional idea of a legislative branch influenced by lobbyists. The most effective lobbyists are the ones with money and they rarely represent the majority of the country. The politicians rarely do what is right for the country but instead what creates for them political wealth they can leverage for their next term in office. That’s why you find 30 politicians willing to vote against holding corporate companies accountable for crimes of rape committed against their employees overseas, it’s politically expedient for them.

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