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Patrick and his dad are building a shed in their backyard. They plan to put extra moving boxes filled with memorabilia they do not have room for in their house. A. His dad does not want the shed to take up too much space in the backyard. Their backyard measures 32 yards by 22 yards. First take 1/8 of the dimensions of the yard. What are the dimensions of the shed in feet? Round your answer to the nearest hundredth. Show and explain all your work. B. How much area will the shed take up in their backyard? Show and explain all your work. C. They have built the shed 7 feet high. Now

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Now they plan to paint it blue on the outside. How much paint will they need to buy to paint all 4 walls, if they do 2 coats of paint? (Hint: 1 can of paint covers 250 square feet). Show and explain all your work. D. Patrick and his dad want to put 53 boxes in the shed. Each box measures 24 inches by 18 inches by 24 inches. Will all the boxes fit in the shed? If so, how much space will they have left in feet? Show and explain all your work.
"Their backyard measures 32 yards by 22 yards. First take 1/8 of the dimensions of the yard."
What is 1/8 of 32?

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Other answers:

And 1/8 of 22?
So their shed should be 4 yards by 2.75 yards
"What are the dimensions of the shed in feet?"
is that for a?
we are still working on A
How many feet are in a yard?
In feet the shed should be 12.00 ft by 7.50 ft
OK I am writing this down
So part b reads: "How much area will the shed take up in their backyard?"
whats 12 x 7.5 = ??
*square feet*!!
or ft^2
oh ok
For part C lets draw the shed|dw:1357181304571:dw|
They say were gunna build it 7 feet high
they want to paint these 4 walls|dw:1357181419789:dw|
how many square feet is this one|dw:1357181480246:dw|
7 * 7.5
yep! and there are two of those correct?
two of what?
those walls... one here|dw:1357181622209:dw| and one here|dw:1357181630269:dw|
yes two!
They are booth 52.5?
Yes! They are both 52.5 ft^2 because they have the same base and height. So the are we need to paint for those two walls is 52.5 ft^2 + 52.5 ft^2 = ???
52.5 + 52.5 = 105
but we cant just leave the other two walls blank! we have to paint those ones too.
How many square feet is this wall?|dw:1357181872337:dw|
* remember base * height
12 x 7
is 84
84 ft^2
and there are two of those...
84 ft^2 + 84 ft^2 =168 ft^2
So the total sq feet that we have to paint is 105 + 168
yep.. but wait a minute that's if we paint it once
they want us to paint two coats...
so x 2
ok so that is 546^2ft
thats how many square feet total we need to cover with paint
each can of paint covers 250 square feet
how many cans do we need?
Are we still on c?
each can overs 250 ft^2 how many can do we need to cover 546 ft^2
3 cans
done with c
:) Great!
for D we have to see if we can fit 53 boxes into the shed
each box is 24 in by 18 in by 24 in.
since we are already in feet if we should change each of those to feet
how many inches are in 1 foot?
yep so |dw:1357182589200:dw|