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My project's beta is finally ready and i put it online on a free server, based on usage, i might buy a domain an official domain. still in need of a name but for now, i'm going with newup :). find it here The content on the site for now will be user generated as well so atm it's pretty empty. in future releases, I might add auto generated content from web networks and other sites. Please report any errors to my email will be adding a support page in a soon and up coming update. let me know what you think :)

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Wow! This site is great! =)
Well done :). It'd get famous, for sure!
i hope so :) thanks

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Other answers:

  • uri
lol @Project's beta.
why're u loling? :o it's just a beta release lol :P
@sasogeek: Haha, “beta” means “son” in our language.
@sasogeek: Hmm... it shows an error!
yeah i noticed errors while editing the code, i fixed it though. everything's okay atm :) thanks for bringing it up though, but since OS is not the help/support/feedback center for my site, please email me personally about it later :) thanks
May I know you email please? :)
i put it in the question up there lol :P
Oh haha, tl;dr: too LAZY (not long this time!); didn't read. :P
Can I suggest something?
On the login page, “Create. Discover. Discuss” is written in a box along with the shadow. The box is not comfortable to my eyes, so can you please remove the box? Please write it on the body instead of another another `
`? Thanks =)
I put it there for emphasis but haven't removed the box to see what it'd look like, if i change it and its okay with me, sure i'll keep it that way :)
But right now it gives the appearance of a button. =\
You can use `#AAAAAA` as the color of the box which'd pretty much emphasize the three words!
And IMHO, `#C00` would look way better on the “4” in “4 Notifications”. =|
Anyway, kudos for the design! Must be a lot of CSS!
if u call that a lot, i wonder what you'd say for OS lol
Haha, they're a lot of guys with good support! =)
yeah, maybe soon when it's officially launched, i'll get some people to help maintain it :)
Good luck! :D

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