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After many requests, we finally have put together the application for becoming an Ambassador! Thanks to @saifoo.khan and @Preetha for the great teamwork we had in putting this application together. I would like to wish Good luck to all who apply! Happy form filling! ;) **IMPORATANT: Please email a copy/scan/image/photo of your photo id to Form:

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Thanks KarateChopper and Saifoo for helping me with this.
No Problem! @saifoo.khan
Do I have to email my ID?

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Other answers:

Sure thing. I'm over 18 so I have an ID, but what about kids who aren't over 18?
I bet they must have some sort of school ID..@Compassionate
Hmm. Now, OpenStudy won't give out my ID, name, etc? All that information they keep private?
Yes, all that stuff shall remain a secret.
They will never give any of that material out.
Do I just attach the picture or say, "I requested to be an Ambassador, here is my ID." or something similar?
I'm blurring out my credit card number and my name, though. I'll show them my date of birth, city, whereabouts, etc, but the other information is personal to me.
No, no. Thank you @karatechopper
huh? what have I done!? @saifoo.khan
I've filled out the application and sent me ID. Blurred out my area code, name, credit card number, etc, and just left my date of birth, whereabouts, city, state, etc.
Moderator created threads don't have bump time. Themoreyouknow
  • hba
How much days is this gonna take ?
What about the people who don't have a school ID? :o Would they have to use a permit or something?
What if it's a old school ID from a few years ago? will that work O.o
  • hba
Your passport id works.
What if we have no idea if we have one/where it is? o_o
@swag yes it will work. @poopsiedoodle Don't you have any school id?
  • hba
When will the Ambs be selected ? @saifoo.khan
No final date has been announced yet.
  • hba
Okay Thanks :)
Nope. No school ID :c
No permit either yet. The only ID I have is from 3 years ago.
Then you should post that. :)
Well, I may or may not apply. I was just wondering in case I did happen to do that. :P
I don't have an ID. .-.
and I don't have a scanner. o-o
Goodluck guys!
  • hba
@poopsiedoodle Use the cam of your iphone to take a pic and email them directly :) Well there are 30 applications In uptil now :)
I don't have an iPhone. My phone is one of the old tracfone brick models.
  • hba
@poopsiedoodle Get it from someone,It would hardly take a min.
I guess I could do that with my dad's phone later or something.
I dont have an idea or passport I am only in middle school
Should I just have a pic of me and my school id doesnt have my birthdate
i guess that should be fine @carly_loves_you
wait, so just a picture of us and our name and birthday would work?
Its gotta be official
Ah. So like... notarized or something to that effect?
@saifoo.khan can probably explain a bit more..
Ah. Kk.
@poopsiedoodle : Simply take the id card's photo and e-mail it to them. There's no hard and fast rule. @carly_loves_you Yes that's not an issue. It just have to be an id.
Well, I might be able to do that today. I forgot to take my old ID yesterday.
I don't have a school id what do I do?
  • hba
Passport ?
huh @saifoo.khan

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