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English 2: (FLVS)Pride Lesson Three: A Celebration of Cultures
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Please answer the following Assessment using the rules for Extended Response format which requires five to six sentences including a topic sentence and at least four examples from the text. Writing Prompt Answer the following prompt using the two texts you selected earlier in this lesson (Cathleen Ni Houlihan, "Address to General William Henry Harrison," and "Inheritance of Waterfalls and Sharks"): Compare and contrast each author's perspective of cultural pride in the two selections. Use examples from the texts to support your ideas. Your submission should include two parts: •a Venn diagram where you organize your thoughts—View Venn Diagram Example. Printable Venn Diagram. •your response to the prompt. The two parts of this assignment will be graded based on this Grading Rubric. The focus of this lesson has been on cultural pride, and sometimes, national pride can also be cultural. In the spirit of exploring national pride further, consider fulfilling the collaboration requirement for this segment by completing the following collaboration opportunity. Collaboration Opportunity As you learned in the Getting Started area of the course, you will have several collaboration opportunities in the segment. Every student will complete at least one collaboration component to demonstrate his or her 21st century skills. This lesson provides you with a great opportunity to create a product with other students. Creating Your Project Nations express their pride through the images they present to the world. A large part of these images is their national flags and the national anthems. Some anthems sing of emotions and some sing of the physical attributes of the country. Some reference God and some focus on Earth. Similarly, different people express national pride in different ways by focusing on what they consider important about their countries. Take a look at how the following countries represent their national pride: •De Facto national anthem of Sweden •National anthem of Madagascar •National anthem of Canada •National anthem of Mexico Using what you know about national pride and national anthems, join at least one classmate in creating a new anthem for your country. What would your new anthem sound like? What would it say? How would it show the pride you have for your homeland? Your project will include: Your collaboration with at least one peer will be evaluated according to the Collaboration Rubric. Please complete the Collaboration Assessment Guide to evaluate your peer(s). Your project will be evaluated according to the Product Rubric. Please review Collaborating in the Online Environment for more information about collaboration tools.

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