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how come when your nose is plugged, you cant taste anything?

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i dont know
me neither....
i pretty sure u can bt i dont really know

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Other answers:

i never thought about it
cuz im sick and my nose is plugged and i cant taste anything....
It is all about receptors :)
its horrible..i couldnt taste my mac and cheese...:(
lol lolly:)
Well you should still be able to taste becuase there are receptors on your tung, that also play a role, just like reaper said. However the.. well... biochemical signaling... depends on many pathways, so if one fail, a whole other result may be the outcome. For an example, when you smell a strawbery it affect more than 100 diffrent receptores... and that combo only (along with your tast receptores on your tounge) make that particular smell and taste for strawberies :)
wow big words
ooooh weird...
hey lolly blow ur nose
If you are intrested in the biochemical reason for things like this I suggest you read the following: Axel, R. 1995. The molecular logic of smell. Scientific American. October. 130-137
or eat a halls tht works for me dont think i already tried that?
just chew em up?!
ooh ima get some halls..brb!!
no not really
i think its still there:)
hahah yup i found it..:)
wat about vaporud
You could eat some zinc.... it have a good effect on the sense of taste
awww..... its no hope!!!
wow.. u must be REALLY plugged..:/
oh wait...its kinda workin...
blow ur nose like u never blown b 4
hahaha but it huuuuurts!!!
but dont honk!! it makes it wooorse!
so wat if it hurt blow woman
jst like my shirt says GET SOMEEEE
get some what? tissues?
u dont get it did u see my shirt
get some spongebob?
im literaly holding it up for u
u want me to use ur shirt? hmmm im
ohh lolly
i know wat to do
i jst remember i had a stuffed nose and my grandma alway watches dr oz idk y and she told me go and turn on the hot water only in the shower and close the door and sit there in the steam and try to breath through ur nos and keep blowing it
dont give me attitude
i have a pep talk in every this one was "Elicit a few 'wows' today." aaand my dad would tell me to just man up..:( im not gonna be able to do that...:( but its a good idea:)
yeah some how dr oz is a great dr
haha well hes a DR sooo...
bt still it works 4 me so y not u
it would prob work... but for now the cough drop is doin fine..
dont wory yes it hot bt it wont make a fire :D
see my hair
my parents want me to cut it
really? hmm.. u should keep it:)
A plugged nose doesn't really affect taste. Your taste buds still work as well as they did before you plugged your nose. The sense of smell in intimately connected with that of taste. We're used to smelling so many things before we put them in our mouths to eat them that we do it unconsciously (connect smell and taste, that is). We grow up with both of them working together and never know the difference until we think about it or do some experiments. They are just working together like they were designed to do and we just roll with it. There is quite a bit of research that has been published on the subject. This writer recalls seeing some experiments where subjects swore that something tasted like a banana when it had no taste at all and only smelled like the longish yellow fruit we are so familiar with. Smell and taste are two independent senses, but we are so used to using them simultaneously that it takes practice to "split" the two off and evaluate the smell of something in a separate activity to an act of tasting that thing. (There are people who work in labs whose job it is to evaluate things only by smell and then separately only by taste. Takes some skillz to do that kind of work. And lots and lots of practice.)
one time they paid me to cut my hair
really? lol niice:)
my hair and my nails dont grow very fast..:/
bt i payed for the cut hahahaha
hahaha well thats not much of a win..:P
i payed by grandma 5 to cut it and mabe 7

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