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is OS okay ?? :D i am not lodging complain , i really like this website and want to be an integral part of it but what has happened to OS during past one or two months :(

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i've observed that whenever traffic is high or you can say load is high , it goes too slow and it has been frequent during past two months
I think the real-time updates of the pages is killing the OS. During peak-hours, I think it is sufficient to display a button (from red to green) to indicate the page can be refreshed (by pressing the button), instead of updating it. In fact, sometimes I find the automatic update an interruption when scrolling or reading. Waiting 2 minutes to complete a post is definitely an indication of overload.
exactly. you are right , this wasnt a problem earlier and OS was very smoother but in the recent time it has started causing trouble

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Other answers:

If I were the developer, I would do a profile and put a microscope on the recent updates to the OS.
lol you must have got numerous gap and holes in the loop
ok, you're right. I'll use a magnifying glass instead of the microscope! lol
well i hope it gets fixed soon :(
Unless it's an exponential increase in traffic, in which case new servers are needed, unless we make the kind of compromise I suggested.
agreed, and you can observe this pattern , whenever traffic increases or the number or people increases , OS says i am giving up :D
This real-time update is useful for Latex, answers to the current question and message notifications. Updating the questions is a luxury that we can do away with at peak hours and replaced by a green button. It's better to have acceptable degraded service than to work with a saturated OS. The laws of supply and demand will rule in the end... users give up when the OS does.

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