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Although Democritus still had a long way to go in the discovery of the atom, why is his discovery so recognized?

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i know it seemS easy but i justSTaRtEd chem lollllllllllllllllllllll
yeah - this kinda looks like a test question, so I think I"ll pass. I hate it when I cheat :/
ITs realy not a TEst question i promise!

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Other answers:

screenshot please.
i jus started cheMIstry no testS yet. And its on paper
its homewok
This is obviously not a test question. There are far more important terms and concepts in chemistry to be tested on than the historical perspective of it. I THINK it's because he coined the term "atom" and proposed the idea of an atom being a subunit so small that cannot be divided but makes up all of life. It was the first idea of what makes life and what's all around us.
@abb0t , I have taken online courses, and you would be surprised. Many multiple choice questions are written in this format. I have assumed the null hypothesis because there is a bias towards it, making it far more accurate than anything else.
thankS you guys :) and @inkyvoyd i go to pUblic School no onliNe cOurses
I'm sorry if I have made incorrect assumptions @blondie16 . The sad truth is that at least 40% of questions here are for tests. It is hard to tell in fact - I have been desensitized to legitmate questions I guess. I used to spend a large portion of my time answering questions, until I realized the implications it had. I"m glad you found what you were looking for. :)
thanks @inkyvoyd :)

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