• poopsiedoodle
There's a slight issue with the signup process. The person who has been spamming like nobody's business earlier is one of my classmates. I had seen him signing up for several new accounts using fake emails such as wefwefwefwfwewef@fwefwefwfwef.wefwefwfe. Why does the signup process not include something that actually checks to make sure your email exists?
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  • Stacey Warren - Expert brainly.com
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  • schrodinger
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  • TranceNova
Hmm that would be useful, however there are also many easy ways to create multiple real emails so it would not be that advantageous. Then again we shall see what the admins think :)
  • blues
I like this idea. Especially in context of linking one OpenStudy account per email account, no exceptions. Email making process takes time (OK, five minutes, but it's still longer than zero minutes needed to not many any real email accounts) and would throw a winch in the trolling process. Easy enough to send a 'verify' link to email which new users must click before entering site.
  • TranceNova
hmm that is a good point and would be useful!

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