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can anyone in connection academy help me in u.s history please

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what gradee?
i am but like @imdifferent123 siad what grade
do I have to be in connections academy to help you.....just list some questions and anybody can help....that is if your not just looking for answers

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Other answers:

Hey doesconnections academy have to do dba's? where the teacher calls you?
no sorry you dont have to be in connections :D
1. One British principle of government valued by the American colonists was the (1 point) custom of having a ruling king or queen. right to pay no tax unless it was levied by their own representatives. freedom to wage violent protest if they thought it was necessary. potential to have an aristocratic house in the legislature. 2. Which of the following describes Loyalists? (1 point) They decided to fight against the British. They supported British taxation. They thought Patriots were too radical. They wanted to return to Britain. 3. The United States Constitution provides for (1 point) checks and balances, separation of powers, and a unicameral legislature. federalism, abolition of slavery, and reserved powers. checks and balances, federalism, and separation of powers. delegated powers, federalism, and voting rights for all men over 21. 4. Which of the following arguments would have been used by a Federalist? (1 point) A strong, central government will be able to handle the problems that face the new nation. Without a bill of rights, the Constitution will not provide basic liberties. The Constitution will strengthen the democratic state governments and decrease the powers of the central government. The Constitution will provide a more elitist government by concentrating power in relatively few hands at a great distance from voters. 5. The goal of William Lloyd Garrison’s The Liberator was to (1 point) convince the public that slavery was necessary for the South. build public support for the abolition of slavery. pressure the government to decrease taxes on Southern farmers. win for women the same rights that men held?
i dont understand these questions can you please help me ? :]
1.B 2. B 3. C ( I think) 4. A 5. B
thanks soo much

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