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I am writing a Volunteer Letter to The Marin Marine Mammal Center. How does this sound?

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Expectations Essay As a student from Redwood High School, my expectations for myself are generally high. That is not bad, however, as I learned multiple things about myself while being self-critical. I’ve learned I have high expectations due to the matter of my growth mindset. With this growth-mindset of mine I’ve learned that I appreciate doing hard work and constantly improving, as I love the self-satisfaction I get at the end of doing a task. I’m always up to trying new things, as I have 2 current part time jobs, (A Camp counselor, and A dog walker) where my work is constantly commended. As a volunteer here, I will be assigned to communicate with other visitors, about animals and etc., while maintaining more than just a positive mood, but more of an enthusiastic and overly-friendly attitude. I will be expecting myself to be more lighthearted to other people’s needs and wants, as I will be working in a much faster paced workplace than I am currently used to. In addition, I will also have to do much animal-care as I clean specific animal spots, observe the animals, weigh them, and feed them, themselves. What I overall want to get out of this, is an education on marine animals that my school doesn’t heavily provide (From the classes I’m in as a Sophomore), while encouraging other people to take interest in the beauty of aquatic animals. I’m glad that this volunteer opportunity exists. Thanks for your time, Paul Gray
That's great. One question, is this the rough draft or final that you put up?
rough draft

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Other answers:

You probably shouldn't say I so much, it seems desperate in a way. Sorry if that sounds to open. What grade are you in?
10th and I agree with you
it has to be 250 words or less.
Oh, that makes sense now. I'm in 7th, but I'm advanced. Good, your not offended. : D
hahah I'm not one to get upset. My english is just kinda weak lately, so I was checking if it sounded professional.

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