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Really need help now please. :( A diploid cell has two pairs of homologous chromosomes. How many different combinations of chromosomes could there be in the gametes?

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My brain is crying.
Can you help me? :)

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Other answers:

but the chromosomes do not have to be identical e.g in men, there are two sex gametes, paired together X and Y gamete
@DrAmaQueen Do you mean to say that human gametes have 23 chromosomes?
or rather i would say that each chromosome in the pair is a gamete
they have 23 pairs
Body cells have 23 pairs of chromosomes. That's 46 in all.
yeah, 44 autosomes and 2 sex chromosomes
Thankyou both. :)
works the same for animals, don't know about plants don't do botany lol
That's right, in humans. 44 autosomes, 2 sex chromosomes. And you know that human gametes have half that number? ~~~~~~~~ I read the question. It says....a diploid cell has two pairs of homologous chromosomes. 2 pairs of homologous chromosomes.... as in FOUR chromosomes in all?? Like a spider mite??
Yes I am thinking what it was. A1A2 and B1B2.
yeah 2 pairs means four in all
If we assume A1 and A2 represent the homologous chromosomes.
then meiotic division brings it down to a pair
I'm surrounded by smart people.
lol So it really isn't talking about humans. A hypothetical question that happens to apply to spider mites. Funny. I'm sorry for misinterpreting it though.
dats ok
now that i look at it ...........
in a diploid cell, there would be twice the normal number gametes
edancer98 do you get how to do this question?
haha christ!!!
sorry correction
I did then it got complicated with too many answers so I'm thinking. :/ Gonna scroll up.
the 23 pairs of chromosome in a haploid cell make a single gamete
Ok think I got it. Thanks everyone. :D
we made a mountain out of a mole hill
haha yup. I'll probably post another question later. xP I'll close this one.
Ok then, as you have got it I'll leave this here for reference.
Two pairs of homologous chromosomes: Let's call them A1 A2 and B1 B2. A1 could pair with B1 or B2 in the gametes - this means there are two combinations. A2 could pair with B1 or B2. That's another two. Therefore, there are four overall combinations. I guess recombination could give rise to more differences.
But the question did say combinations so yeah.
the question is confusing, am not even sure what they are asking for, could you rephrase it?
I can't that was the whole question. :(
Normally I love biology but this is insane.
ok lets take it slow
how many different combinations of chromosome
Two pairs of homogous chromsomes.
in the gamete, the chromosome would be paired in fours(2 pairs)
lol this only took 30 minutes for me to get it xP
homologous means that the 2 chromosomes in a pair would have the same genetic material
uh huh
in a haploid cell, there are 22 homologous pairs, cause the last pair which is the sex chromosome pair is not homologous
so in a diploid cell, i would assume there are 44 homologous pairs
TAHNKYOU! What is your IQ? :O
like 2 :D
lol it's clearly higher than mine since I just typed thankyou wrong
roflmfao it took a great deal of time to be sure of what they were even asking for, if i took that long in exam i would be sent to study agriculture
hahahaha XD I better close this question now
help me study:(
ok, i will study for 2
what ever girlll or should i say grill! lol im so stressed right now.....
So stressed we can't even read powerpoints right anymore.
lol yeah
hey inyourhead...i dont get slide 103

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