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OS aint working on Mozilla firefox , neither on chrome , whats wrong now ?

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  • hba
Go to OS Feedback group. Posting off-topics is not allowed.
LOL, some people on this planet are sick , bro you are the best example of that , i posted here because most number of kids are here, so i wanted to make sure if its working for them or not , gross!! lol
  • hba
It is against the CoC So you would have to close it.

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Other answers:

Prob just your PC just crashed all the way pmfsl jk
lol no it dose it to me to all the time and mikala1
Where is Mikalaa?
whats wrong with this :(
mikala cant get on lol its not working for her
Hey umm smack your PC or just do the easy was like restart it :D
she has done every thing lol
did every stuff it aint working
If nothing is working, how are you able to interact on OS right now?
this is the different browser, sea monkey, which i hate to use because it hangs too much :/
Do you know how to put your computer in safe mode with networking? If so, try that and see what happens.
i did that , still no effect, i guess its problem with OS :/
ok ill tell her to do that
Not everyone is experiencing the same problem as you. It could be your computer. Perhaps a virus.
Mines is working just perfectly and I'm using Mozilla and have 4 tabs open I'm about more tabs tho jk lmao
strange, wow!!
ikr miks just a metal magnet to bad stuff
Hey @itsmylife im havin same probs wanna know wat i did to get it to work?
yes ik i want to idk about him lol
@dmezzullo, just tell him what you did, lol
sure . please let me know
@itsmylife wat i did was i let it load for along time and i would shut my laptop off or log out try both and then get back on go straight to Os log it nd it would sometimes work other times it wont so try that bro if that dont work restart the process thats wat ive done and its worked so thats wat i did but it might not work so dont get aggrevated just do it over and over til it works if u got any questions msg me.
lol vary confusing and already tryied that with mik
Well it takes a while u gotta let it load for like half an hr or so and then try it and if it dont work try the process again.
weve tryied since 5 am lol
Ok well its worked for me u guys must be doing something dif than me.
idk she will just have to deal with it
@itsmylife Have u tried it?
nah it aint working :(
Ok like i said it takes a while let it load and load and load for ahile try it if it dont work try again thats all u can do bruh
thanks mate ;)
Not a problem thats what im here for :P
so you mean i should leave my profile open on it and let it load for half an hour?
No log into Os and if it says Loading Loading Loading and wont stop then let it load for awhile Then close the tab log out of ur laptop or shut it off turn back on or log back in go to os log in and see if it works, if it dont then try that process again.
alright , m gona do that :)
Ok ive had to do it twice now but it didnt work the 1st times so i had to redo it dont get aggriavted, it just takes time
looks like sea monkey browser is working just fine.
Ya, it does it to me all the time.... It gets rly annoying, Its only firefox that does it to i believe.

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