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An unofficial guide to use OS. (Click the link to see) This prezi is made for new comers, who do not know how to get started. Hope it helps a little. Please leave a comment if I've made any mistakes there. You're also very welcomed to suggest some improvements. Thanks! * No Copyright infringement is intended. Most of the information used was taken from OpenStudy webpages. *Last update: 16/01/2013

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this is very cool. Great job.
Wonderful - thank you! Reply so we can give you medals.
:D that's great! Love the format.

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Other answers:

good one dude
good job !! suggestion try to divide it in paragraphs
well the whole summary is more easily readable if it is split into small paragraphs ..else it looks crowded
(I found it impossible not to leave a comment.. :S) I understand that the whole summary is more easily readable. At first, instead of making this Prezi, I typed out the first few pages in paragraphs. But then, I found that there were too many words. It would be very boring just to read hundred words here. So, I chose to use Prezi instead. Maybe it's better to split it into a few Prezis, so it won't look crowded? (PS: If you really view it page by page, it shouldn't be that crowded..| )
  • hba
You have done a wonderful job. @Rolypoly @Preetha mam you should check this out. :)
This is definitely something that should come at the beginning before we all get pushed into this world where we have to learn where all the buttons are.
I am really impressed with this, it'll certainly help newcomers. Great Job !
Should make this more easily accessible.
@NotTim Use this for OS NEWBIES
There we go. But we still need to make it more accessible to everyone...
OMG! @RolyPoly This is MARVELLOUS. I'll tell the Ambies to use it. Thank you so much. This means a lot.
I am using it the moment i saw it :)
i liked the graphical part very much !! its like a journey .....really impresses @RolyPoly
This is AMAZING!
This is really cool! Wonderful job @RolyPoly
Bump in 1279.5x :O Thanks everyone :)
good one roly.... :)
great job ! @rolypoly
I had seen this before... and yeah... its awesome! I notice that almost ALL the ambies use it now to welcome users!!
great job!! @RolyPoly how much days/years was needed to make this unofficial guide???
About 8 hours will do
only 8 hrs!! amazing.. but all in one \[\huge SUPERB \space JOB \space ROLY POLY\]

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