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why we have to learn maths??

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because it's enjoyable :)
to develop your mental level and to develop a logical approach
why there is a limit to leanr maths?

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Other answers:

wher is the limit?? i can't see. :)
2+2 = 4 its over...
  • hba
Well,In every part of life we need to do maths.Buying or selling.Moreover,maths is actually in every subject. No, 2+2=5
If you don't wanna learn math, DON'T! But don't blame me if you lack ability to think... which is pretty much the point of mathematics. :-)
  • hba
@rathish.rulz Lemma told me that :P
maybe you never see or need maths in your life. but if it is a puzzle, get it!! :)
Mathematics is fun! If this is not how you feel, just leave it and do something interesting like computer science. :-)
u should read my blog
  • hba
You will make a program and then it will do calculations for you.
so if u go to park u don't need maths... there are more poor people in so many countrys ... so how do the learn maths??
However, there is a close connection between CS and mathematics; you may later get an interest in mathematics. Reminder: Mathematics is NOT ONLY HIGH SCHOOL MATH! There's abstract algebra, proofs, vector calculus, research math and much more. :-)
  • hba
They learn.... They eat,drink and love maths.
@hba: What a metaphor. Turning to blogs, we got
There is a very, very good site called where one learns about contest-math (which is again a subject of interest).
we don't need math. we are just curious.
hahahaha ...
However, the notion of mathematics is different; only a few people actually realize what mathematics is. This is real math!
if you don't like maths, don't try to understand it.
@marsss Yup, the point I raised a few posts back. :-D
mmmmm so..
@rathish.rulz So do you really like mathematics?
  • hba
Do you agree, 2+2=5
no i like it.. but iam telling about the world ..
@rathish.rulz The world will keep the notion with them.
  • uri
I don't like maths.
maths also does'nt like you :)
hey its so interesting.. and make a man richer/beggar///
“Then, the world shall be ruled by inconvenience and nothing will be formulated.” — Parth 1:1
Too many advocates of math here! \m/
  • hba
  • hba
^ It was supposed to work :/
don't memorize the formulas. it's not math :)
We can already see the notion spreading with unbelievable arguments in this post. :-P
its makes u a professional ..
  • uri
It must be interesting I agree,but its so complicated I study at last days of my exam @hba helps me,but then I forget everything O.o
@marsss Hmm, EVERYBODY SHOULD MEMORIZE FORMULAS! It's just that sometimes, rote-learning is not so great. :-)
  • hba
Maths is the best subject if you hate rote-learning as far as i know.
i never memorize the formulas. but i'm happy and i'm a good student :)
mathematics is true,
  • hba
A degree in media sciences would be good if you do not want to really study :P
why u like maths?
Informal approaches are already worshipped in our world. Let's see where we are heading...
  • hba
@UnkleRhaukus So truuuuueeee.
@rathish.rulz That is because it is fun!
  • hba
@rathish.rulz Because i always get good marks in that subject laawwwl.
math is not true. it's just a dream. but it's a wonderful dream. so i like maths.
dreams are true
because there is no harm in learning something new :)
  • hba
Imagine a world full of humans . . . . Scary,Isn't it.
why hba is behaving like a moron??
hahahahaha :) i agree with you :)
rolf! :D
Well maths is not complete should be treated as another reason why we should be more involved in the very subject.
if u like me be my fan..
  • hba
Moron: Alot, w00t and pwned are reel wurds do0d, i u$3 dEm all da t1Me!!1
we have to learn maths because we have to
@hba: 570P 1337 P134Z3.
@rathish.rulz asking for fans ? lols
  • hba
hba is a genius :)
why small childrens have to learn maths..?
@marsss keep that a secret :)
@rathish.rulz because small children will grow and become adults
first chidren are small and it's childern
No argument can be more amusing! :D
If this was M.Se, I'd have closed this question as not constructive.
*children and when do u xpect to learn ur 90's?
actually everyone is a child :)
is anyone doing british exams??
friends i think this talk is leading nowhere.try to move to other questions there are fellow students looking for serious help thank you
yup....but this is rather intresting question and unusual too
why people poor with maths???
because they don't like maths.
@ParthKohli why are u silent??
no..... they dont got money..
i just actually want money of good hearts to lend a hand for poor people..
exactly. i'm sure :)
@rathish.rulz I don't see a debate related to the question originally posted.
i want everyone's help

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