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What is the relationship between hydration energy, sublimation energy & ionization energy of alkali metals?

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hydration energy is when we surround the metal by water !!! sublimation is energy required to convert solid alkali metal to directly gas ionization energy is energy required to remove outer most electron of the alkali metal
@chmvijay u r right bt i want the relationship between them and how they r interconnected...

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Other answers:

ionization energy of alkali metals are least in the whole periodic table and it decreases down the group
ya what is the relationship between those three energies?
there is no relationship between these energies because all of these three energies are different , they cant be related to each other , hydration is ability to get dissolved , sublimation is to change from one form solid to gas without passing liquid state (none of alkali metal changes that way) and ionization is ability to give up electrons, so these energies cant be related, though they can be explained independently.
can u pls tell me the trend of sublimation energy in alkali metals..
Ionisation energy decreases down the group because the radius of the atom increases due to added orbital levels, hydration energies depend on charge on metal cations and radius so again radius is the factor here. Im not sure about the sublimation energies though .
They certainly don't have any quantitative relationship to each other, but they probably have very roughly similar trends -- decreasing down Group 1A. In the case of heat of hydration, this is strongly affected by the size of the ion, with smaller ions having higher heats (because they ion-dipole interactions get much stronger as the water molecules can get closer to the ion). In the case of heat of sublimation, this will be closely related to the heat of vaporization, and that will generally decrease going down the group because of weaker metallic bonding, which is also a result of the increasing size of the atom -- the larger lattice leads to longer, weaker metallic bonds. Finally, the IP is of course directly related to the size of the atom, since electrons at greater distances from the nucleus are more easily removed, since they experience smaller attractive forces. There may well be some empirical relationship someone has discovered that relates all three, but I'm not aware of it.

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