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HELP WITH JUST TWO HISTORY QUESTIONS? :3 Which of the followingmost supported Hitler's rise to power in the 1930's? -economic weakness throughout Germany -popular support for Anti-Semitism* -rise of the Weimar Republic -the publication of Mein Kampf What was one immediate outcome of the Munich Pact? -Germany officially gained control of the Sudetenland. -General war erupted among Germany, France, and Britian -the US decided to pursue a policy of appeasement. -A lasting peace emerged throughout European nations.

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Those are pretty hard
I might be able to help you with the first question, My grandfather was a german soldier in the hulocost. Hitler was on his second term as dictatior because his first time around he was great and got the germans out of a great depression, but once he started the holucost he made there economy much worce than befor. sorry for the spelling my keybord sucks
did that help because if it didnt I might still be able to help

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Other answers:

Economic weakness in Germany. It was already on shaky ground, but the Weimar Republic was making progress. The Crash in '29, however, hit everyone and became one of the major reasons tipping the German economy into freefall. It opened the door for Hitler to capitalize on this shared pain and sweep into office with some aid from his brownshirts who tended to browbeat people in back alleys into supporting the Nazis. The Munich Pact immediately gave Germany the Sudetenland without Czechosolvakia's participation. It was appeasement meant to stave off war, "peace in our time" as Britain's Neville Chamberlain declared when he returned home to boast about his accomplishment. Of course, as history shows us, it would only serve as one more reason for Hitler to nom nom more of Europe.

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