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I figured everything out thanks though

Health Sciences
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unethical, can you just study instead?
okay im not in heath but do you take Geometry A
exchanging answers is against website's user guidelines, i reported you, sorry.

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Other answers:

I am not looking to exchange answers @aaronq I simply need help understanding a few things.
then why don't you ask what you don't understand instead of inquiring on a specific unit/lesson?
because it would be a waist of time to write out the few questions i have. the question for this are really long. so, i thought it would be easier to see who else has it and go from there. I do not copy work, and i enjoy learning, however; there are a few things that i don't understand and need help to get the answer and understand it.
you know, you don't have to write the whole question out, just the part you don't understand
thats the thing, it is the whole question. here is an example: (this is one of the questions) Question: Irene is a high school sophomore who lives with her mom and her little brother. Irene's mom works two jobs that require her to be away seven days a week. Irene is left to care for her little brother, prepare meals, and tidy the home. Irene is a straight-A student who not only excels in the classroom, but also excels in softball, basketball and soccer. What would be the best way for Irene to minimize her stress levels? Answer Choices: Talk about her problems with a trusted adult. Self-talk about how tough life is right now. Take quick breaths to relieve her stress. Get a job to keep her mind off of her problems. Do you see what I mean? The questions are really long and I can't just giv ethe actual question without the supporting detail. I have a guess what the answer is, but I am not 100%, which is why I would ask someone.
i see what you mean. social sciences are ambiguous and many answers can be correct, such as the question you posted. It's not a bad idea to post the whole question and then attempt to answer it, and ask for input, rather than just simply ask "did anyone do the exam"? Talk about her problems with a trusted adult. YES Self-talk about how tough life is right now. NO Take quick breaths to relieve her stress. YES Get a job to keep her mind off of her problems. NO the most logical answer his the first.
I can understand where you are coming from, but that was simply my way of asking and I will not apologize for it. I am a little mad/sad/ that you reported me without even getting my imput on why I asked it like I did. In responce to the question i posted; those were the two answers that I thought were best, but I wanted to find out was why is A better then C?
Because talking bout problems to trusted individuals minimizes stress since it brings issues out into the open and then you are able to construct a plan which will help deal with factors which surround it in the safest manner. A lot of this stuff is really common sense. and i didn't report you, i reported the other person
Ok. Well, thanks for your input and helping me with that question. Again, I figured it was A, but it could be C. Therefore, I wanted to see another persons opinion.

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