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Yo, it's the rap up 2012, let's get this thing crackin' I'mma tell y'all right now, this whole song gon' be ratchet Common threw a shot at Drake, but he ain't wanna catch it Giants won the Super Bowl, plus that whole Kony madness Linsanity had New York on fire like wasabi And you couldn't go anywhere without hearing about Blue Ivy Congrats to Jay and B for adding to they crew I mean why was y'all so shocked, ain't that what married people do? And I'm still in my hoodie cause this violence ain't stopping

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Hope we see justice for the youngin' Trayvon Martin And Nicki dissed the fans, bands a make 'em dance We got that iPhone 5, and ran to Instagram Brian Mcknight, dumbest song of the year Let me show how your pussy works, but he ain't get no volunteers Kim and Kanye, huh, had us all tripping Yeah, Mary J. Blige was out here singing for chicken
Y'all slipping, man Bath salt zombies was all over the tubes Same sex marriages, yes, Obama would approve Drake met Chris Brown with a bottle in between D'Angelo came back, LeBron got that ring Made shouts to D Wade, but I ain't need to see That Chris Bosh facial, on national TV We doubted it at first, but then couldn't change the channel We all got caught up, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Man Scrappy put them paws on 'em, Joseline look fake But don't act like at least one time you ain't make a Stevie J face Katie left Tom, they say Kristen was a cheater Snoop Lion, but I'm high and I'm riding with a ho named Kesha NFL had sub refs and that call was lob-sided
Lil' Wayne won't come to NY, Frank Ocean came out the closet And the gun laws gotta get right, cause people living a crazy life I send prayers out to Aurora, cause it was a dark night on that night Olympics here, and Gabby's hair had made such an impression Ay Mitt! we ain't tryna hear that pellet and now you in that 47 And now it's Chad and Evelyn, but Ev ain't saying nothing Man these hoes be acting up and these niqqas be headbutting 'em Prince Harry go hard, Jersey Shore is over Wayne had two seizures, Drake got one diploma 2 Chainz came up, Kendrick went ham 2Pac came back, oh, that was a hologram? Chris and Rihanna, hooked right back up You going to jail now, did y'all see that uppercut on that bus? Man, y'all gone get this work, you know how I get down Can I get a 'Opp-opp-opp-opp-oppan Gangnam Style'' First Big Bird then Elmo then Wyclef on that bike

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Hey 'Clef I'd hate to tell you, but that's that ish we don't like Music had no balance, we ain't know which way to go Either it was really fast or really, really slow Yo, Lance Armstrong took that chance all on his own And them people told him you can take your ball and go home Eddie Murphy dropped Rosci, gave that white girl a turn Re-election for Barack, now we getting two terms Everybody voted and stayed in line Now Barack's doing it all at the same damn time Chick-fil-A don't support gays, if you ask me they jumped the gun But that was yesterday and I ain't gay So, I'm about to get me a number one Cassie loves Diddy, no Twinkies, man, they was gone The Mayans killed us off, but if you hear this song then they was wronh The Lakers got Howard, but Mike Brown got fired And we ain't buy that fake beef between Nicki and Mariah Yeah, that came in handy
Then the east coast got hit hard by a hurricane named Sandy I love y'all and y'all love the song, and that there is no question But I'm in the booth, it's hot as hell, I popped the molly, I'm sweating (wooh) Hell yeah, we still here, this been a crazy year Man, I still can't believe that Whitney ain't here So RIP to the peeps we lost, I'm being sincere But I'm wrapping up these rap ups, y'all, it's been ten years I'm gracefully gone bow out, but still write them hits @2much_swag96 on Twitter, hit me up with them tweets I fck with y'all, I love y'all, man, thanks for joining my team Goodbye to 2012, what up to 2013
its kinda long tho
lol ikr just random ha
dope af
thanx bro ill check you out
holy sh thats long but still good:)
ikr lol
haha yeah CX
lol u next u should see me and @ObeyChris{~} freestylin

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