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There are a lot of students from Connections Academy who use OpenStudy daily and really help eachother. It would be super convenient for there to be a group for us Connections Academy users. Anyone agree ?

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As Poopsie noted, there is much concern that many of the Connections Academy threads are not legitimate tutoring but answer swapping and cheating. (There is much concern about answer swapping/cheating by non-Connections Academy users too - it just seems that the CA kids, because they share easily copied and pasted coursework, are most affected). As one possible solution, I would be open to putting all the Connections Academy eggs in one basket, perhaps with more specific and rigorous guidelines governing giving/supplying of just answers. But there are other possible solutions I like more.

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Other answers:

@blues As Connections Academy states, We are free to use any online source/app we would like to help us study for answers, textbook questions, etc. You are one voice in an entire crowd wanting our own place to study. Please don't be a downer.
@poopsiedoodle The only reason you are seeing final exam everywhere is because we have reached the end of semester A. Students have a cut off date and need to have it complete by then. Sorry for trying to complete our work on time. :P
@~Chance~ One thing about math: if you do not get a good grasp of the basics, then as you take upper level classes it becomes harder to understand the concepts.....
@FirstFrostBite Thank you for your concern in other peoples business, Connections Academy homeroom teachers and other teachers are currently allowing their students to use the internet to help obtain answers and help, as long as you have posted the question. I believe it is the choice of the students (users) to study how they chose not, how you decide for them. From the students, and teachers of Connections Academy :P
But still, it gets rather annoying when people are just asking for the answers to final exams. It makes people think that they're not even trying, when they probably know quite a few of the answers themselves.
@~Chance~ , If you read carefully, I said that putting all the Connections Academy material in one group is one option. I specifically stated that it is one of many possible actions and not one I support. My concern is about CA students (and Florida Online Virtual School students, and Connexus students too) who post copies of entire graded exams on OpenStudy. Sharing answers on graded work is strictly against Connections Academy's Honor Code (FLVS and Connexus have similar policies, as do Coursera, EdX and pretty much any online school or learning platform you can name) as well as OpenStudy's Code of Conduct. I certainly don't want to exclude online students from OpenStudy, but I don't like it when they use OpenStudy to cheat.
@poopsiedoodle I can understand what you are getting at, but, This is a place were people come for answers. You will just have to get used to people asking for help during final exams. Don't you know their are people behind those "puppy dog" figures that are just here to suck answers out of the publis, but, intern there are people here from Connections Academy, Connections if you may, that are trying to learn what they are working on and would like some help with what they are working on and accually are interested in learning the item they are studing here at OpenStudy.
@blues I understand what you are getting at also, Why should you not create a place for students that are wanting to learn to post your questions. Most of the people that would be answering in that area would be the students from Connections, there is no rule in our Honor Code against students collaborating. Also, If this is against your Code of Conduct. Why do you have places for MIT students to study, answer that question?
Here is an excerpt of Connections Academy's Honor Code: Students will: · never give or receive unauthorized assistance on assessments. I understand that all assessments are “closed-book” and that my Learning Coach shall not provide assistance in determining answers on assessments · never post exam or quiz answers on the Internet or in other public places, nor use answers from posted exams or quizzes. OpenStudy is definitely a place where Connections Academy students can learn. It is also a place where MIT students and anyone who wants to learn may do so. And be welcome for it! Learning is not the same as getting answers to exam questions. I have a problem with the latter only.
@blues I understand. Heres the thing. Teachers are authorizing us to give and receive help on assessments. We are learning as asked. We are not posting answers. We are obtaining the help we are authorized to get. Obviously you don't attend CA and have never entered the password protected student center. We go there 180 days 200 days a year, we know what and what no we are allowed to do. Good Day!
I understand that you all can get answers on any source/app is what you said, correct? But note that the OpenStudy is a STUDY site to get HELP, not answers. So we aren't putting people down on the whole Connections thing, we are just saying that you need to be able to want help, not just answers. AND, one more thing is that I believe you all are not supposed to be using an online source for your final exams and such. Those are to test what you know, not what the world knows. And most of you ask for the answers, many are not even interested on the whole help thing. BUT, OpenStudy does not allow cheating. Even if getting help on a test, does not look like Cheating, it still is. Think about it, you are still making someone else help you on the question. In the end, you get the answer through someone else and your thinking..
If you are saying you are authorized to get help on such assessments, then why is the Connections Academy Honor Code saying Different? In that case, what is the whole point of the Honor Code? Are you saying that the teachers are also breaking it?
I would like to emphasize that this a problem of distinguishing between many CA students who do abuse OpenStudy and those CA students who are superb members of this community. :)
I understand. But I also have somethings to tell you. Half of the people from Connections who come on here, only ask for the answers. They are not interested at all in the help. If we try to help, we either get bad mouthed or burned off.
Chance, the problem is that many of you are here for just answers. I see and delete dozens of such requests each day, as do the other mods. I also see a few Connections Academy kids tutoring and asking for tutoring and WE HELP THEM! I would also like to point that, as you well note, the mods and admins here don't have the advantage of a student's perspective on Connections Academy. I would be happy to take a CA class if it gave me such perspective because it would help me do my job better here. Short of that, we do EVERYTHING WE CAN to help the CA kids and include them in this discussion. Sadly, most of what we hear is along the lines of "There is nothing wrong with cheating, everyone does it so I will too."
@Chance:@karatechopper @blues YOU PEOPLE ARE NOT LISTENING! WE ARE NOT HERE FOR THE ANSWERS WE ARE HERE FOR HELP! HELP TO LEARN THE ITEM WE ARE ON. PLEASE GIVE US A PLACE LIKE MIT Just my 2-sense here (ha. word puns)...getting help on tests is still cheating lerlz. Take that with a piece of sugar please
lol yo udidn't get da joke. darnit. Im no joker then...
and, sleeeppp
you kno, the funny thing was, i use to think studying at home was cheating...
good luck o n dat then
Phew. This is my day to read long posts. Thanks for the comments from both CA students and OpenStudiers.Thanks for mods for taking the time to explain so nicely. We at OpenStudy want to help you learn. We connect people with people intentionally so they can learn from each other. I understand there are some people from CA who abuse the system. Cheating by your fellow students messes you all up too. Unfortunately it ruins the experience for mods and other OpenStudiers as well. First, I want the help of the good Connections Acad students to reach out to the others and when you see cheating, to say, "Please do not ruin this experience for us by cheating". Bring this to our attention so we can wacth these people. And remind these CA cheaters that CA will catch up with them and there will be consequences. Since you asked so nicely, @-chance I will look into a separate group for you. Will you and other good students at CA help me address the cheating?
@preetha most of the new people are from CA just looking for answers. There should be some sort of filter or something to keep them from cheating. Like, make it so that you can't say "give me answers" or "have the answers to" in a question. Of course, that'd probably be kinda hard to do, but it would help me keep my sanity.
people who ask for answers, just, well my only concern is that im also in connections and we should have a place. go on to every subject and there will be the word connections academy.its just, i think that the word stercrazy is good.
I am so sick of these Connections Education students trying to justify cheating. Copying and pasting questions and answers from quizzes, quick-checks, and tests IS cheating. Maybe you should all review the honor code that you agree to at the beginning of the school year. Stop making lousy excuses for your apathy and laziness and do your own work. Bottom line, take responsiblity for your actions and grow up.
That's laughable. I just looked at your recent posts. All you'e done is post questions from quizzes, quick-check and tests. That's not TUTORING, that's cheating.
To everyone who is deciding to be mean about this. We will continue to "study" here. This is an open source platform. Have a wonderful day. I am no longer interested in getting a space for us as it is a waste of time. Have a wonderful day.
You invited the TRUTH when you started this post. I'm not being mean, I'm being honest. I'm sorry you can't tell the difference between the two. The fact of the matter is that you guys are NOT tutoring or studying. You're copying and pasting test questions and giving answers to said questions without providing any kind of explanation or reasoning (which would actually be tutoring). Until I see an open dialogue about concepts rather than specific questions, you better believe that I will be following up on it and handing out 0s to any of my students who are guilty of cheating.
And obviously @LilHefner3 knew what I was saying was true because he/she deleted the post I had responded to. Way to go.
Way to be real mature about all this guys..
MissTeacher, as an OpenStudy user, I would hold you to the same standards of courtesy and respect that we ask of everyone else. If as your name suggests, you are a teacher, then I expect even more from you. You have made your point and we are all aware of this situation. Thank you for your comments.
well I have a suggestion , why dont we report those students in CA who cheat here directly to the Connection Academy ? It says in their honor code that they will take disciplinary action on anyone breaking the honor code.That way the students will be more cautious in what they do here. And I think that will help us filter the "good students at CA " to Openstudy .
@Preetha , @karatechopper , @blues what do you say?
"How to deal with students trying to cheat with CA tests " Tutorial by @AravindG
Link doesn't work
oh probably one of the mods deleted it ,you see i had answered to a question in which the asker was trying to cheat in the finals and made the asker realize cheating was a bad option .The asker was happy so was I .Sad that it got deleted ,it could have been used as an example on dealing these issues . Anyways .
@Preetha Am I not allowed to be frustrated by this? When I spend HOURS trying to think of innovative and helpful ways to teach challenging concepts in biology, when I make myself available for extra help tutoring, when I spend the rest of my time calling students to offer them help and discuss ways to improve their grade, and then I open test after test AFTER test that not only has the incorrect answer but one that was copied and pasted from this site? Does that not sound frustrating? Would that not make you angry and feel that all the time you spent thinking about the welfare and academic sucess of your students was time WASTED? You say you're aware of the situation yet you do nothing about it. Frustration, anger....doesn't even begin to explain where I'm at right now. And what's worse is that these students see NOTHING wrong with what they're doing. What's your solution?
Thank you for your comment. I am sure OpenStudiers who read it will understand your position better. And the Connections Academy students who use the site will also take note.
so sad that these students do not realize that they are cheating themselves
@MissTeacherLady16 I understand your frustration but there are ways to hold students accountable for learning that do no involve the internet or Openstudy. But I agree with @AravindG that these students are cheating themselves You should ask them about their future goals. If they say they are interested in medical school then show them a practice test from the MCAT. Biology is a tested subject for the MCAT.
I agree with everythng that is said, may be there couuld be away to work togethr with no hard feeling. Students have a right to get help, but not to cheat and get us that help them to do that. I think the best we all can do is ask where the math question is from and explain the reason why? also be sure to say I am not you are cheating but are these questions from a test or any form of one. If not than help that student. There is an old saying don't ask don't tell, so we all need to ask this question.
regardless of what anyone elses policies are, Openstudy policy is simple enough to understand: "It is better to guide the user to an answer rather than doing all the work yourself. We discourage giving out answers without letting the asker at least take some part in the analysis - the aim of this site is to teach". Everyone who wishes to use this site, should be able to adhere to this.
Wow you guys really got into it. I have been working on my own version of OpenStudy. I am going to have a Connections Academy Section ~Chance
@~Chance~ that's an awful idea
What she said.
i agree with missteacher its an awful idea..besides " I have been working on my own version of OpenStudy. " >>you are not an far as i know such a group wont be made at any cost
This thread was brought to my attention and I would like to thank the Admins and mods for hopefully cracking down and limiting the number of CA students posting copyrighted questions straight off their quizzes and tests here. I have probably found 100 instances of students using this site (and that's just the ones I can easily prove) this year. Every time one question gets taken down it pops up twice again. I have given lots of 0's thanks to this site. Students just call us for help we want to help you learn and we prefer talking to you over giving 0's.
Happy to help @CATeacher13 :)
The Mods and the Admins are happy to help anyone and everyone who wants to help us resolve this problem. I'd like to make clear that I support any Connections Academy student or other online school student who use OpenStudy legitimately - that is, to gain insight, to be taught, to teach and to inspire. There are some and discussing them blithely as 'cheaters' does them a cruel injustice. And some Connections Academy teachers really want to solve the problem too - and coming down on them is equally unfair. The cooperation on this problem has come largely from the Connections Academy students - the good ones, who use this site legitimately - and very bravely use their social position here try to influence their peers.
As a CA teacher, I really appreciate the Mods concern with this serious problem. Clearly if a question gets posted that begins with #23 and ends with (2 points) it’s copied directly from a test or quiz and should not be directly answered. It’s clear the Mods get this and share the teacher’s concerns. How then do we handle the problem of another CA student answering the question? And when our school reports questions or even entire tests being posted with answers, why does it take so long for Open Study to remove those postings? Getting these postings pulled the very same day would go a long way toward reducing this problem. I hate creating permanent disciplinary records, zeroing out a test score, and talking to student’s parents about their child’s ethical failings.
As our partner, we have enabled several Connections Academy staff to serve as OpenStudy moderators who are in charge of removing posts that violate copyright laws. Perhaps you should discuss response time with them. As for the cheating issue, a strategy used by another school has been to send a note to all Connections students to tell them not to misuse OpenStudy. As you can see we are just as concerned about violations of our terms of service as you are.
Just thinking slightly inside the box here, but I think maybe we need to post the quotes of the CA teachers and instructors here onto the homepage of Openstudy in a manner so that students know that the CA teachers know this, and that any statement where "they state their their 'asking for answers' is allowed" is identified, by both CA teachers and Openstudy users as highly unethical means to acquiring grades.
really though. This question has been closed for quite some time now, yet new users are still finding it. Great.
I'm by no means justifying cheating, but it happens & it will continue to happen regardless. Seems like wasted time trying to come up with solutions to a problem that will never go away. Just a downside to online schooling.
Well murders happen everyday too, regardless of the laws that make it illegal. I guess we should just be okay with that too, since it will never go away. Just a downside to free thought.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we're still on this? It's been closed for a year. Let's leave it that way.
longest argument i've ever seen xD
You can't prevent murder unless you do take away free will. You think that's about to happen? no. So yes, murder will always be around. Just like cheating.
lol am i the only one that realizes that everyone that comes here cheats??? Just tries to put it in a "innocent help me" question XD
^ yup! I come here for the social aspect after I realized there was no actual tutoring taking place. Such a shame :(
Jesus Christ that was lot of reading
yes!!!! thatll be awesome. And every grade has its own group!
connections is gay as pellet
And that's nice, but let's refrain from using that sort of language.
how bout we all just stop cheating and nobody has to worry bout nothin
:P I'm from con nexus
Most Laughs out Louds.
i found this on goodle poopsie :D
There needs to be a way to close an old post to new replies.
i found this on google to
other than deleting it?
i get replies to posts i did like 4 years ago that say .. so whats the answer?
The answer is /bonk /bonk /bonk /bonk /bonk /bonk /bonk /bonk /bonk ! Learn to do the work!
Lolololol this whole conversation is hilarious
Medal if you are reading this in 2015
Only 15:49 here. It will be 20:15 later.
i agree
"If we can't cheat here then we'll cheat somewhere else."
There is no need to keep bringing back alive a 2 year old post about that. As it has been pointed out above, the site is for educational topics, not a particular school, and for tutoring/homework help, not cheating, so we will not make an online school section and we will still suspend people for cheating. So please, stop spamming the notifications of everyone that has replied to this by bringing it up yet again...
Someone shut this post down already!
@CaptainBatSparrow It has been closed for 2 years... so there is nothing to shut down. What they need is an archive feature that turns off the ability for people to reply.
Yes, they need to archive/delete or do something to this post. It is starting to ferment.
What a fascinating addition to the discussion
May need to roast Icedragon... and anyone else that keeps spamming via ghost of the past posting!
@e.mccormick e.e
gotta keep this post recognized and up to date FOREVERRRRRR
Did I just time travel? :O
@AravindG Some of these people must be Rocky Horror Picture Show fans, cause they are all like, "Let's do the time warp again!"
well then
Well hello everybody :D lets bring this chat back?
it's not a chat, it was a legitimate discussion. Let's not turn it into a chat, because we're really not allowed to do that on actual questions. Use the chat boxes for chats.
So sad ;-; Cheaters gonna cheat, and moderators gonna ban.
I couldn't agree more with @poopsiedoodle. We should not revive old threads, but keep this one as a reminder that staff members from online schools are watching us.
Just here for the party
I read this more than half a year ago but didn't reply for fear of e.mccormick roasting me.
I hate all of you.
We love you too, Poopsie.
Im dead bruh xD
Anybody in 9th grade history A wanna help me with the Imperialism Dialogue Portfolio. Its way late. I just need yalls opinons on imperialism so i can get this thing going.
That moment you realize that this year and last year students havnt been able to copy and paste from their assignments, well I havnt anyways. I would also like to point out for AravindG is that alot of people use this site anonymously as I do, Tho I am not a CA student. It would be hard to punish people for using this site other than banning their accounts, which then they can just make anew one under a different name and so on. Unless the person is dumb enough to put their whole name on this account as well as a profile picture of themselves, their can be no direct punishment. I would also like to point out to MissTeacherLady16 that its only cheating if you ask for the answers, its not cheating if you have people talk about and discuss the possible answers as i've seen alot on this site.
MissTeacherLady16 that its only cheating if you ask for the answers, its not cheating if you have people talk about and discuss the possible answers as i've seen alot on this site and help you come to determine the correct answer.* Updated
@MissTeacherLady16 i am ghost boy you shall see answer from ghost boy and threads getting answer you can thank ghost boy ghost boy ghost boy............ggghhhhooossstttt bbbooooyyyyyy
i wonder how people keep finding this
Very very very carefully my friend.
This thread is still alive? O_o
IT WILL REMAIN ALIVE FOR THE REMAINDER OF MY LIFE WHICH IS about 76 years, 3 months 36 seconds till i die(:
who found this trying to cheat for a test?
Not me >.....>
*Sweats nervously*
*Glares at you*

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