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Whats the systematic method to understand physics concepts deeply?How to study physics without rote memorization?How to study physics?

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Videos & demonstrations have helped me a lot. Also in order to understand physics deeply, you should ask your teachers about everything that you don't fully understand even the smallest bits, don't neglect them. Also to make relation between the things you study. Relations between physical quantities, or your lessons in general. Even relations between physics & maths, statics, dynamics can be very very helpful.
I read it in some book .. about how to truly understand the concepts .. it said... when you read a line or a para about a concept.. read it out loud.. make a mental image of it.. read it many times until that para makes perfect sense to you.. and now you would be able to explain that to someone in a very very very simple way... so this might be a lil slow in the beginning.. but it has helped me.. Since i am a teacher.. i always learnt that way.. after learning something.. i always thought how i would explain it.. and it was that time.. i realized what misconceptions i had and stuff.. and like minutephysics guy says, if you can't explain something in simple words then you just haven't understood it quite well.. and i totally agree with that :).. so all the best!
The technique that helped me is to rewrite my class notes before the next class. I try to write them in a way that make the most sense to me augmenting them with figures, showing relationships and taking care to be neat so that when I refer back to them they are like my own textbook. This rewriting is said to be fruitless and a waste of time by some educators but it has helped me focus more intensely on the subject. Also I am embellishing the note filling in gaps with information that may have seemed obvious, adding labeled diagrams with annotations to establish a context to drive home the intent of the diagram. You should also correlate your notes with other sources to see consistency in your understanding of those presentations adding to your notes if you find additional helpful information as diagrams examples or discussions. No two sources are exactly the same and authors my have different assumptions about the background of the reader. When you cannot reconcile difference in your understanding among different sources then you should ask your instructor for help. Always ask someone when something doesn't make sense to you. But try hard to do it yourself before you ask. Work as many varied problems for particular subject as possible. They show various aspects of a principle and are vital aspect to learning physics. Physics requires real effort to learn properly there is no easy way. Be careful of the internet sources as they are not necessarily refereed or reviewed to establish accuracy of content. Good Luck.

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First believe physics works

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