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What should be the next number 101 ,111011 , 311021,1321101211, _____________ should be easy for many. 2 terms after this have already been told here in comments, but reason/logic has not been specified yet. So the modified question is you have to tell the term after those 2.

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Hmmm,,was it that easy ?
yup xD

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Other answers:

I couldn't do it till 1/2 hr.
If anyone can tell me the number after what @xxx3m0gurl67xxx has written ? that;s the new question then! ;)
can I answer it xD?
Anyone else*
i cant see pattern >.<
its easy, just look at the numbers carefully :)
I don't see any pattern whatsoever....
Ahhhhh I see it. Wow that's awesome. OK I'll get the next number
wow that quick?
Or not. Crap. :P
lol xD
do you need a calculator to do this?
I'd disagree on that. :|
OK I cheated. But this is just ridiculous, nobody could have solved this without cheating. Even with the answer for the pattern it took me forever to figure it out... The next number is 101, 111011, 311021, 1321101211, 1113122110111221, 132113213221101012211 You are an evil person, @shubhamsrg
Hint: it's 2 different patterns, one to the right of the 0 and one to the left of the 0
Hint #2: google :P
Your answer seems wrong! o.O
Not seems, it is wrong! lol..
Can you justify your answer ? maybe there is another pattern ?
101 1 times 1 to get 1 0 times 1 to get 0 1 times 1 to get 1 thats how we got 111011
The pattern to the right of the 0 is (I actually understand this, some crazy stuff with base 3) The pattern to the left of the 0 is (this one I have no clue how it works)
111011 is 3 times of 1 1 times 0 2 times of 1 311021
You've found the right links, but here is where you made mistake Starting term there is 1 I started with 101 Logic is the same though. Try again.
311021 is 1 times 3 2 times of 1 1 times 0 1 times 2 1 times 1 1321101211
is this method wrong?
@Kuoministers You;re catching the wrong train. this is the place i went :P
Don't use orkut, link doesn't open Anyways, did you reach the answer @BluFoot ?
And that was the wrong logoic @Kuoministers
311311222110312211 would be next right?
im itching to put the ryt answer xDD~
You should not..hmm.. :|
so it 311311222110312211 the next number in the sequence?
INDEED! it is! congrats
btw where did u get this code thing?
I didnt know about coding and its relation at all. One of my friends had asked me this. Took me 1/2 and hr almost to figure out.
what is your way to figure it out?
because i think this is a python command... sequence = look_and_say("101")
I'll message you
ok sure..
well this is awesome!
i g2g sleep now GoodNight!!
gosh i am late :\
its not THAT easy :P
I'm such a good kid :P

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