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Study Guide “By the Waters of Babylon” 1. Describe the basic plot. 2. Describe the world in which this story takes place. 3. Who are the “gods” in this story? 4. Describe the main character, John. What is he searching for? 5. What signs does John encounter, telling him to go east? “Like the Sun” 6. Describe the basic plot. 7. What is a possible theme of the story? 8. Describe the main character, Sekhar. “How Much Land Does a Man Need?” 9. Describe the basic plot. 10. What is Pahom’s dilemma with being a peasant? 11. Describe Pahom. 12. What is a parable?
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24. Describe the following characters from the play: a. Brutus b. Antony c. Calpurnia d. Portia e. Caesar f. Cassius 25. How does Cassius win Brutus over to the side of the conspiracy? 26. What are Caesar’s weaknesses? (both physical and character) 27. For what reasons does Brutus feel he should kill Caesar? 28. What does Calpurnia dream? 29. How does Portia try to convince Brutus to tell her what’s going on? 30. Why does Brutus perceive that Mark Antony is not a threat? 31. How does Brutus justify allowing Mark Antony to speak at the funeral? 32. In their funeral speeches, how do Antony and Brutus take different approaches to persuading their audience? 33. How does Antony show his true colors at Caesar’s funeral? 34. How does the conspiracy change once Brutus joins? 35. Explain the relationship between Octavius and Antony. 36. Explain the contents of Caesar’s will. What does this show about him? 37. Whose ghost does Brutus see? 38. What “signs” are present throughout the play and what do they forewarn? 39. Explain the ways that Brutus and Cassius meet their ends. What does this show about each of them? 40. What happens to Portia? How does her fate affect Brutus? 41. What does Antony say about Brutus at the end of the play? Why is this important? 42. Who is the tragic hero of the play? What is his tragic flaw? 43. What statement does the play make about power and/or ambition? 44. Define ethos, pathos, and logos.

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