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Please help me to understand and solve these!

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@mathmate can you able to help me with this?
DId you work out the solutions to each of the inequalities?

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Other answers:

I didnt understand completely those problem, thats y
Solve them as equations, and since they are <, so you need any answer that is smaller the equality.
I cant really get it how to do it, but i did somehow, where i got half n half write. I need to understand whole n how to find the rite answer
The questions are all inequalities. Say you solve the first one as an equality: -2(1+z)+5z+5<11 -2-2z+4z+5<11 2z<11-3=8, or z<4 So any of the answers will fit for #1. Now proceed with #2, #3, #4 and try to move a,b,c,d around so that ALL the inequalities are satisfied.
cqn you wait, cuz i m gonna show you those.
First one will fit on which one, would it be 2
Because they are not equations, but inequalities, you are better of doing all 4 of them before fitting anything. For example, all the answers a,b,c,d will fit in the first. So you don't know which one to choose until you have all 4 inequalities solved.
Note: inequalities have multiple answers.
So but i want to how will i get this answer matching correct answer
Of all of them
Let say if you have a set of answers 1,3,5,7 and solutions to equations which are x<2,x<6,x<8,x<4 Then your choice would be to fit 1<2, 5<6, 7<8,3<4, or else you would have one left over such as: 1<2,3<6,5<8, but 7>4 will not work. That's why you need to work out all four before you can match.
Ok so, -2 (1 + z) +4z +5 <11 -2 + -2z + 4z + 5 <11 -2 + 2z + 5<11 so does it mean 2 will match or no?
You have to solve it completely, -2+2z+5<11 2z+3<11 2z<8 z<4 Now you still have to solve the other three before you can start matching.
that 2 match with this one right?
All four answers will match with this one. If you want to take a chance, choose the highest number that will match. But I suggest you work out ALL 4 inequalities, then match. That will be much more sure.
all four will match, because 3<4 -3<4 2<4 0<4 . That is why I suggest you work out all four inequalities before matching.
All does not matched up, thats y, i m asking, how will i figure out all this
If you want, you can pick 2<4. If you choose now, the rest may or may not work.
1. Solve all FOUR inequalities, so you have 4 inequalities in hand, such as z<4 z< ? z< ? z< ? 2. Match the 4 given answers so that EVERY inequality works.
Second will be -3, am i right?
I'm afraid not. You have a problem with the sign.
...unless you mean -z>-3
I was saying according that table which i showed
So it suppose to match up with b -3
Inequalities are not equations. Solutions must remain inequalities. So the second one must be given in the form z<-3, or z>3, or z<3. -3 would not be the solution to an inequality. Can you show your work?
3z - 5z +10 - 8 <6
3z - 5z +10 - 8 does not look right. Can you check?
2z + 10 - 8 <6 so if this be 2, then other was not 2
I cant really know how to do these all
Problems seems really confusing to me
3z - 5z +10 - 8 <6 is inorrect. it should be +5z and -10. How did you get the signs reversed?
Or written in full 3z+5z-10-8<6
so your saying it would match up with 3, right?
Thats how we find the 3
You are going to far with matching. You need to solve ALL 4 inequalities before you can match. the answer to the second is then....?
I mean the \(solution\) to the second inequality is then....?
I dont get at all how to last four, thats y i put their answer by guess, i m sure those last two were wrong but there is two matching which i gave, it was correct
If you don't need all four correct, that's ok. Go ahead and do it your way. I have no problem with that. Good luck with your guesses. :)
In mathematics, you are allowed to guess, but you also need a way to check your answer. If you cannot do both, then, sorry, guessing is not the right way.
Thank you but all i wanted to know how to solve these, i havent done all by guess just two one which mite, but um not sure abt how to solve it to find exact answer to match. I just want to be clear abt all this
I m not getting to find all of it exact answer
I repeat: 1. Solve ALL four inequalities in the form z<4 z<3 z< ? z< / 2. THEN match the inequalities with the 4 given answers to make sure ALL inequalities are satisfied. I am still waiting for the solution to the second inequality after I have done the first one. If you have problems solving inequalities, that's where you need to work on.
3z - 10 + 5z - 8 <6 3z + 5z + 10 - 8 <6 8z + 2<6
8z + 2 - 2 <6 8z <6
it will be a 0?
Please help!
I dont understand how to solve all this
@CalebBeavers help me please
Thank you so much for helping tolerating pain like me, i m sorry so for trouble. I really appreciate your help @mathmate, thanks alot! :)
This one @experimentX
first of all simplify the left side. Can you simplify \[ -2(1+z) + 4z + 5\]
-2z + -2z + 4z +5 4z +4z +5 8z +5
isnt it?
\[ -2(1+z) = (-2) \times 1 + (-2) \times z = ?\]
-2 +2z = -2 (-2) X z = -2 + 2z = -4 X z I m stuck :( sorry
\[ -2 \times z = ?\]
-2 + (-2z)= ?
no ... you cannot add like that.
do you know how to take common?
3x + 3x
1$ + 2$ = 3$ 1$ + 2 pound = 3$ ------------------ which of above is correct?
both are same
what is the name of your currency?
okay .. is 1 dollar + 2 pound = 3 dollar ?
is that correct?
why not?
Both are not similar
yep!! -2 + (-2z) here think of z as dollar and ... ther is nothing after -2 ... think of it as there is pound.
So what i did on all that problems, so how do i match because, its seems tricky
also I think there is no minus there. your first problem is \[ 2(1+z) + 4z+5 = ?\] Simplify this. thikn of \( 4z + 5\) as .. 4 dollar + 5 pound
it cannot be added
so the bracket one what we need to do
at least you can make it a bit simpler.
-2 + 2z +4z +5 - 2 + 6z +5
quite not correct. + ( - 2z) = ?
no ... |dw:1358354499867:dw|
so 2 match up with this?
I meant, first problem
okay now simplify the first problem.
-2z + 5 < 11
-2z < 6
z < 6/-2 z < -3
it is match up with b
No ... you didn't do it correctly.
divide both side
i forgot, just did one side directly
woops!! sorry ... your first problem. \[ -2(1+z) + 4z+5 = -(2(1+z)) + 4z+5 = -(2\times 1 + 2 \times z) + 4z + 5 \\ = -(2 + 2z) + 4z+5 = -2 - 2z + 4z+5 = (-2z+4z) + (-2+5) = 2z + 3\]
do you understand the each step?
but am i right with first one?
did you get 2z+3?
no i got -3
2z+3 < 11 2z+3 - 3 < 11 - 3 2z . (1/2) < 8/2 = 4
if you had done it correctly ... you should have got \[ z < 4 \]
you are saying it match up 3
yes copy these each step into your notebook and see if you understand each of these steps \[ \begin{align*} -2(1+z) + 4z+5 &= -2(1+z) + 4z+5 \\ &= -2(1+z) + 4z+5 \\ &= -(2(1+z)) + 4z+5 \\ &= -(2\times 1 + 2 \times z) + 4z + 5 \\ &= -(2 + 2z) + 4z+5 \\ &= -2 - 2z + 4z+5 \\ &= (-2z+4z) + (-2+5) \\ &= 2z + 3 \end{align*} \]
thank you :) it making sense now
thank you so much
also if you have any misunderstanding ... don't hesitate to ask.
can you show me other 3, if your not busy or if i didnt eaten up your head, i know i m painful, i hardly understand everything in math
thats really horrible
first simplify do 2nd and 4 th problem
i think you are capable to do it .. also show me step!!
3z + 5z - 10 - 8 < 6?
yes go on!!
8z - 10 - 8 <6 8z - 2 <6 8z <6 +2 8z < 8 z < 0 watch your second step again.
Sorry so, 8z - 18 < 6 8z < 6 - 18 8z < 12 1.5? :(
8z - 18 < 6 add +18 to both sides.
8z < 24 <3
yes correct!! do the 4th problem similarly ... also note the mistake you made Sorry so, 8z - 18 < 6 8z < 6 - 18 8z < 12 (is 6-18 = 12 ??) 1.5? :( Get calculator. or watch your step agai.
In third one, how do i start?
watch the example i gave you!!
I m so sorry, i m such a error maker, pls forgive me for all this trouble
in which level do you study?
no actually im in online high school, where i m takin blended course
really? you got terrible math!! these are very very basic simple rules
yes, im ok with other but worse in math
okay try 3
what did you put on 2?
Z + 5 - ( 1 + 6z) > -1
z +5 - 1 + 6z > -1
there you have problem!! -(1+6z) = -1 times .. what's inside
-1 + -6z
what is + - 6z = ?
- 6z
yes ... now simplify it
again, you are not getting the point. look at the big picture. look again from where you started and where you ended. and check for errors.
ok sorry
z + 5 - -1 + -6z <1
it's necessary that you write the whole step on some nontebook.
*notebook ... if you rely on memory then you will never learn. also it's necessary that you have to look at your previous step.
ok sure, i will keep it mind. z + -6z + 5- + -1 5z + 6 < 1
I know, something wrong in here again
5z < 1 - 6 5z < 5 1
am i wrong?
try pluggin that expression on Wolfram Alpha
I dont know how to do it
your saying negative
how do you do with this \[ a + 2b - (3a+b) = a + 2b - 3a -b = a-3a+2b-b = -2a +b \]
add by combining like term
how did i get rid of -(3a+b) .. just do it like there.
- 3a + b, we cant go more from this on it
- 3a - b
so then your saying it will move to positive
But i didnt understand how did operation + to - at middle
Hows did you change and why?
no ... |dw:1358359302646:dw|
not equal
you multiplied - all on Bracket, thats y, everything -
- 3a + -2b
tell me in terms of pounds and dollars .... how much should you give to me?
3 dollar, 2 pounds
isn't that equal to -3a-2b? what does this mean?
got it now :) thank you
thats y it was - 1, right
Honestly, I feel like you are trolling with me!! right ... do the third number now and show it to me.
I m extremely sorry for taking your time n making you crazy like this
:( i m so sorry for everything
- 7z - 19 + 19 < 5 +19 -7z + < 24 got long decimal number
you copied the wrong question. - 7z - 19 + 19 < -5 +19
so first one was right ?
which i showed you b4
no you had +7z ...
-8z - 19 + z > - 5
so -7z + 19 < 5 - 7z + 19 - 19 < 5-19 -7z < 14 z < -2
well ... done!! gotta go ... i strongly suggest that you get a pencil and notebook and practice few similar problems.
Thank you so much! im sorry again for trouble :(
I am not in trouble ,,, you might be in math test!! so pratice well!!
yes, i was trying understand these so that i dont make mistake again like this
Last one match up with 2, right, just to be confirmed
i m extremely apologize for giving you trouble @experimentX. thank you so much for helping me alot! you really saved me explaining all of it. I m really very sorry horribly troubling you
You are really amazing, thank you so much for make me understand abt all of it without being tired. your truly great, thanks alot @experimentX

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