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I'm trying to help my brother with his history. Can't remember everything. Where Soviets would view this as a symbol of the workers during the Cold War, Americans might view this symbol as one of A. oppression B. glasnost C. democratic ideals D. individualism

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i want to say its a but im not 100% sure

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Other answers:

Hey can you please help with a few more?
Thanks With which of the following statements would protesters of NAFTA most likely agree with?  A. There are too many regulations protecting products and laborers.  B. There are not enough large companies seeking workers.  C. Large corporations are benefitting from cheap labor.  D. Trade agreements are responsible for increased trade tariffs.
NAFTA is the North American Free Trade Agreement
oh wait wrong question. This is the question I meant to post: Life expectancy improved following World War II in all of the following regions except  sub-Saharan Africa  Eastern Europe  North America  Eastern Asia
i think its eastern europe
Thanks How might Soviets have viewed American segregations laws in the American South?  as hypocritical because the U,S. criticized the Soviet Union for limiting human rights  as a fair way of maintaining the social order in society during the Cold War era  as a byproduct of the ongoing Cold War between the U.S. and the Soviets  as a violation of personal freedom because the Soviets sought to promote individualism
the second one
Thanks!!! Consider the image above of an aid worker in 1963 with some students in Ethiopia. What might this image suggest about life in this region?  Children in this area had access to few modern tools and conveniences.  Life in this area had changed dramatically over the last hundred years.  Industrialization brought economic growth and prosperity to the region.  Jobs in the community came primarily from local factories.
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the first one
Thanks!!! An effect of the Yom Kippur War was A. further U.S. support of Israel B. a peace agreement between Syria and Israel C. a decrease in the violence of the PLO D. the assassination of Golda Meir
sorry i think its b
Thanks!!! All of the following might be reasons why investing in a developing country could be a risk for a developed nation except?  a weaker labor force  a lack of economic infrastructure  weaker trade markets  overall instability
i think its the second one
Thank you!!! The Union of South American Nations (UNSUL) is considered all of the following except: a super-national organization an intergovernmental union a single-currency union a regional trading union
the second one
Thanks!!! A criticism of the American suburbs in the post-World War II era was  that houses were far too expensive  that they lacked racial diversity  that they raised the issue of health concerns  that the divorce rate soared in the suburbs
the last one i think
Thanks!!! How might Palestinians view Hamas? as a terrorist group in the Middle East as a movement to modernize Islam’s image as a party that represents Islam fundamentalism as a party that supports Arab-Israeli peace
i really dont know this one
That's okay. What about this one? Why did the Soviet Union and the United States both get involved in proxy wars in Africa during the Cold War?  Both governments were focused solely on providing humanitarian aid to the region.  Both governments were concerned with the protection of personal liberties and free elections.  Both governments wanted to secure their political influence in the region through support.  The United Nations requested that both governments intervene to bring about peace.
I'm going to open this in another question so that I can give you another medal. @trustdestinee

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