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WHERE ARE THE MODERATORS!!!! I feel the Mods are not doing their job the past few weeks, their has been some serious issues going on in math chat and nothing is being done, people are blowing it up with spam and cursing and their not even getting warned but yet I'm sitting here getting suspended just for reporting them!! What is going on????

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moderators do have real lives to attend to :) I have also noticed that when I log off my icon doesnt always get removed. I havent run thru the innumerable emails I get from the report abuses and suspensions to see how or why you may have got suspended. I do know there is something called a Community ban which is when a certain number of people report abuse the same post; it triggers an automatic ban on the account.
one of the drawbacks to the suspension button is: its really only a symbolic gesture since its only the account that gets suspended and not the actual person that can create a multitude of accounts using fake and false email addys.

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Other answers:

what we really need is a resident administrator to be onhand like they used to be. But it appears that they have other matters to attend to and are seeing how well the site operates on its own.
Yes i understand that it is just i have not seen one mod or admin online in weeks and i knew about the community suspension i just did not know i would be the one to get it. There has been so much drama going on i just feel someone should be there to take care of it.
I wish they would bring back group Mods.
i feel your frustration, believe me. here is a small sampling of what the moderators have been dealing with. and there seems to be even fewer of us to go around lately.
and i see that you had a community ban on the 15 :) it looks like it was reinstated afterwards by saifoo since we are getting "gangs" of trolls causing troubles.
Well, I'm glad my name isn't on that honor roll... ;D
@uri You're on the list :O But if you think about it, it's probably because of exams.
Lol we aren't surprised Uri is on that list c;
Dun Dun Duh. 2,699 emails... That's a lot... How many Mods are there O.o?
Around 30ish lol most don't come online anymore, though. I had like a lot of them fanned and then they made new ones and and I don't know. A lot of them were active a few months ago but then I left, so they did too I guess c; Jk but yeah there are quite a few haha If you can see the people I've fanned, most are mods :p
The admin type and I get along most. Because unlike regular mods they don't feel the need to control or use their modship for feeling better about themselves c:
  • uri
i think ambassadors should have an option to warn users or something!
Well, I know why that happened, @amistre64. That was the spammer from last week. He told me that he was just reporting everyone to get them banned. I believe I was somewhere in the list too. It's actually not really gangs. It's just been that one person for weeks.
@Uri No. You just became an Ambassador. And honestly after the first round of ambassadors pushing and pushing and pushing it (and even being an ambassador) I'm tired of you guys nagging for more power as soon as you think you realistically can. Ambassadors are not here to enforce CoC. They are here to help new users and introduce them to CoC. If they wanted us giving warnings they would have made us moderators. @shadowfiend Eh? Tell me if I'm off lol
  • uri
@rebeccaskell94,Who are you?
@uri please dont start a fight! well rebecca just expressed her feelings on the matter .and she is also an ambasador .
Lol @Uri I am honestly surprised they made you an ambassador considering how many things you start on OS and you're immaturity. It really is embarrassing.
Yep, we've been working on that particular troll for a little while. Ultimately it'll probably boil down to them getting bored, sadly. They take pleasure in being , and there's not much we can do about that except do our best to keep them subdued when they go on a spree. I doubt Ambassadors will be getting any more privileges than they currently have anytime soon. Moderators are for moderation, ambassadors are for welcoming people and introducing them to our ways.
@rebeccaskell94 Try to keep the insults and judgement to yourself. 'Preesh.
@shadowfiend ambassadors also have a role in enforcing coc dont they ?
@AravindG Yup, but that's pretty much it — that is the goal of ambassadorship.
@rebeccaskell94 was wrong there.
  • hba
^ This.
  • hba
I agree with shadow @rebeccaskell94 :/
Thank you guys for your input. i just thought i would give some people a heads up since their has been so much commotion lately with trolls. & @amistre64 i see you guys have a handful and it's understanding Just wish we had more moderators on here to keep an eye on these people. & @rebeccaskell94 I agree with you but no need to be harsh about it. You are all Ambassadors, you should get along, and set an example for other people here.
@AravindG We can't enforce Coc. We can show kids the CoC and encourage them to follow it but the only "enforcing" Ambassadors can do is reporting the people who are not following it...just like everyone else. I apologize peoples.

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