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Dear President Obama, Virginia Tech. Northern IIinois University. Fort Hood. Tucson. Aurora. Oak Creek. Sandy Hook. Throughout the years in the US, a numerous amounts of mass shootings are occurring. Clearly, the gun system that we have now is not working. Guns are something that are never going to disappear, it is a fact of life, however, that is not to say we can’t have better control of who gets their hands on guns. For the good of the US citizens, we should enforce stricter laws on gun control. We should carry out stricter laws on guns because it will lower the amount of criminals and people who have mental problems getting their hands on guns. Also it will lower the amount of accidental deaths such as little kids getting a hold on guns. Lastly, it will lower the amount of suicides and other types of murders. Life isn’t perfect but if we move forward and place stricter laws on gun control, life will be a step closer to perfect. The U.S. should place stricter laws on gun control because it will lower the amount of criminals and people with disabilities getting their hands on guns. First and foremost, according to a .Gov website, “15 out of the 25 worst mass shootings in the last 50 years took place in the US.” This tells use how repeatedly shootings occurred in the past 50 years. It’s really heart melting knowing that there is so many sick people out there using guns innapprotaly so this calls for stricter laws on gun control. Also according to a Times articles, it states, “20 year old Adam Lanza entered the school for an attack that killed 20 children and 6 adults.” This proves to us that people who are mentally ill should not be trusted with guns so we should enforce more background checks when buying a gun. Lastly, according to the dark knight shooting event at the movie theaters, it states, “Police removed a number of prescription medication bottles-four to be exact-from Holme’s apartment shortly after clearing its explosives in the days following the July 20 shooting” This proves to us how easily some crazy drug addict can get their hands on a gun. We really need tests like car tests in order to decrease the amount of deaths that involve guns, therefore lets go ahead and place strict laws on guns! In the US, we are known for our freedom, however, a little too much freedom is not healthy for the environment. Getting a gun is a very easy process so many criminals these days are making our lives a threat. Therefore, lets enforce stricter laws on gun control! Another reason why we should move forward and place strict laws on gun control is because it will decrease the amount of accidental deaths. According to the media center database website, it states, “4 year old Dylan Jackson shot himself to death after finding a loaded gun at a friends home during a birthday party.” This proves to us that there is too much freedom and little kids are getting harmed just because a gun is lying around. Therefore, we should place stricter laws on guns so guns will be handed to a responsible person. According to a 2011 report from the center for Disease Control and Prevention, “ Accidental firearm deaths accounted for 851 funerals.” This statistic tells us that there has been some accidental deaths. Although it may seem like a small number considering the total deaths for the year exceeded 2-5 millions but if your family was among those deaths it would have been a tragic loss. Lastly, a Times article states, “ Official renewed warnings for adults to be careful around children after two Colorado 5 year olds died in an accidental shooting on Monday and Friday.” This proves to us that the wrong people are owning guns and they are not taking responsibility for their guns around children. This kind of situation calls for stricter laws on guns! Guns should be allowed but only for the people that deserve the right to own such a destructive weapon. We need to get on this case and place stricter laws on gun control now! My ultimate reason on why we should put stricter laws on guns is because it will lower the amount of suicides and other types of murders. According to a 2011 report from the center for Disease Control and Prevention, “ Suicide was the number 10 cause of death in the US with 38,285 deaths reported and 19,766 deaths were caused by guns.” This tells us how people who are in another state of mind are killing themselves with guns. Therefore, if we place stronger laws on gun control, it will prevent the people who have depressed minds from getting guns. Also according to .edu website, it states, “Homicides by guns represented 11,107, 70% of total homicides.” This proves to us that guns are not use for the right kind of purpose but by killing people. Checkpoints and tests will helps decrease the amount of murders dealing with guns. Lastly, a database states, “Having a gun in the home makes it 3 times more likely that you or someone you care about will be murdered by a family member or intimate partner.” This tells us that guns make it more riskier when living in your house because it can be used against you if someone in your family is really angry so making more harsh laws and checkpoints on gun control will make life better. A life with threats is not healthy so we should enforce harsher laws on guns now! Those in favor of our gun laws that we have now may say that criminals will always find a way to obtain their guns. However, if we just place stricter laws on the guns, then it will decrease the amount of criminals because of how carefully the U.S. will choose who gets the ownership of the gun. My opposition may state that many people use their guns for recreation and home defense. However, they have failed to state that since 1982, there has been 62 mass murders carried out with firearm across the country. My opposition may also say that most of the gun murders are from inner city poverty people. It stinks because they missed the point that the shooting in Newtown Ct. was not from an inner city poverty person but rather a young adult who was mentally ill and in the middle class. Lastly, my opposition may state that it’s the psychos that need to be demonized not the guns. However, they have forgotten to say again that if we run several tests like a test for a car license then the right kind of people will own guns. As a result, none of the psychos will not be allowed to put there hands on guns and use it as a threat. Keeping the gun laws that we have now is a little effective but if we place more stricter laws on guns, it would be very effective. You probably get the point that stricter laws should be placed on guns now. To start off, stricter laws will prevent people like Adam Lanza from getting their hands on guns. Furthermore, there would be less accidental deaths caused by guns. Lastly, there will be less suicides, homicides and other kind of murders. The gun control laws that we have now is not enough. In fact, on Friday, January 11, there has been a shooting in California which is ridiculous because we just had a shooting. We need to move fast and create systems that will keep the bad guys away. Life right now is a dark tunnel because of the many tragic death we had. Don’t even hesitate to think that we need more stricter laws on gun control! Obama should send this law through congress and get moving because it will make our lives filled with rainbows and love.

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