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This is not for a test or quiz, yes it is timed and I am not just asking for the answers just someone to help out...Thanks

I got my questions answered at in under 10 minutes. Go to now for free help!
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Sectio is called: Placing Figures in the Coordinate Plane
is that a question?

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Other answers:

No If someone can help then I will post the question cause I need help on a few and once i open the questions I have to answer it
oh, gotcha. welp. I suck at corordinate planes. so goodluck haha
Haha well thanks!
placing figures in the coordinate plane? do you graph equations or something?
Yeah pretty much
plotting points isn't too bad. would you know how to graph y = x^2 if that was a question on there?
Yeah, its not like that though i mean its plotting but its a bit different
hm, well i dont know much i could help if you dont have like an example or something
I do i just dont want to open the question unless someone can def help cause if not them I will get screwed up
i mean one that's not one of the questions
oh...let me see I think I might give me a sec and I will check...
sorry @austindude5 if this keeps showing up in your notifications....
hahaha I don't mind. :]
I remember looking at that! I think D^2 was the diameter multiplied by itself so it would increase the height and width of the shape. Did you get the right answer to that question?
I think... It was early this morning so I dont 100% remember...
Sorry, was helping someone. I'd like to get one more person on board just to be safe. I don't want for you to open it up and all of a sudden i'm useless.
Do the questions have answers, or is it free response? like multiple choice answers.
@blurbendy Not a problem!!(: but they are all multiple choice there is 10
and how much time?
about and may give a few mins over that I could let you know when I open it..but I know at least an hour
well if no one else offers to help ill see what i can do
can you post the picture of the question, or would you have to draw them?
I will try and post them but I may have to draw some...I know they look horrible so I will try to post them
Is it due tonight?
well it needs to be done by friday but after this section I have another which I was trying to be done with all of it tonight/tomorrow
my friend might be able to help, but ill have to send the questions to him, and wait to see what he says
Okay well if he can help that would be great just as long as I get 10 questions within an hour I am up for anything! haha
okay well if you have to go to sleep soon, i guess we should start
I dont haha i do cyber so i dont have to get up super early or anything
ah cool. maybe someone that's done this will come by. do you know anyone on here that takes the same classes?
No, I go through my public school district so its not like PA Cyber, Agora, Connections etc its a separate cyber school with my schools courses.
ahhh neato. im new here, i found this place and i thought i could practice my math skills and help some people in the process.
Yeah I gotcha! I started doing this last year when I started cyber and I find it cool that alot of people on here do some type of cyber as well...Do you?
no i go to regular school. youre right tho, alooooot of people are in some type of cyber
Oh okay, and yeah they do its nice cause I actually still talk to some people I met on here just like through e-mail or whatever but its pretty cool
yeah the people are pretty nice and the moderators are cool. you get help with questions pretty fast too.
Yeah def
So, do you think your friend could help?
yeah he said hed look at them
Awesome! so you guys both ready?
okay let's do it !
Im liking this enthusiasm! haha Okay Just let me pull it up! one sec
In the coordinate plane, three vertices of rectangle HIJK are H(0, 0), I(0, d), and K(e, 0). What are the coordinates of point J? a.(2e, 2d) b.(d, e) c.(e, d) d.(d/2, e/2)
picture? or no
k i asked my friend
Okay(: So id your friend on here or?
no he's on another chat
K, go with (e,d)
Oh okay cool... just wondering
Okay..Next has pictures
oh okay, waiting
we think (e, d)
Okay! Next
Which diagram shows the most useful positioning of a square in the first quadrant of a coordinate plane? One sec and I will put up the pics
1 Attachment
1 Attachment
1 Attachment
1 Attachment
Second one or wait a second?
yes, second one
okay! next
more pictures so one sec
Which diagram shows the most useful positioning and accurate labeling of a kite in the coordinate plane
1 Attachment
4th one
more pics Which diagram shows the most useful positioning and accurate labeling of a rhombus in the coordinate plane?
2nd one
Which could be the coordinates of W and Z, shown in the graph above? a.W(0, 0), Z(a, a) b.W(a, a), Z(a, 0) c.W(0, a), Z(a, 0) d.W(0, a), Z(0, a)
1 Attachment
sweet! half way done! next Given the red square above set at the origin, find the coordinates of the midpoint of . a.(a, a) b.(a, a/2) c.(0, a) d.(0, a/2)
1 Attachment
midpoint of what?
WZ sorry must of been cut off
State the coordinates of points W and Z without using any new variables. a.W(–r, r), Z(0, t) b.W(r, 0), Z(0, t) c.W(r, 0), Z(0, –t) d.W(–r, 0), Z(0, –t)
1 Attachment
It's, D, sorry
Okay no problem
Here are the coordinates for eight points on the coordinate plane (q > p > 0): A (0, 0), B (p, 0), C (q, 0), D (p + q, 0), E (0, q), F (p, q), G (q, q), and H (p + q, q). Which four points form a trapezoid? a.D, F, G, and E b.B, C, D, and F c.D, C, E, and A d.A, F, G, and C
Here are the coordinates for eight points on the coordinate plane (q > p > 0): A (0, 0), B (p, 0), C (q, 0), D (p + q, 0), E (0, q), F (p, q), G (q, q), and H (p + q, q). Which four points, if any, are on the vertices of a rectangle? a.A, B, F, and E b.C, E, F, and G c.D, C, E, and G d.F, E, D, and C
Here are the coordinates for eight points on the coordinate plane (q > p > 0): A (0, 0), B (p, 0), C (q, 0), D (p + q, 0), E (0, q), F (p, q), G (q, q), and H (p + q, q). Which four points, if any, are on the vertices of a square? a.D, E, F, and G b.A, B, C, and D c.A, C, G, and E d.B, C, E, and F
That was the last question...I am afraid to submitt it
The only one im sketchy about really is the second one
the kite one
Yeah, Well thats good, I am just afraid to not pass it again... We finished with 8mins left btw
Okay, I submitted it but haven't looked at the score...Ready for this?
im holding my breath
haha I literally am haha okay I got
A 90%!!
that means we missed 1... stupid kite problem lol
yeah Prob let me see..It was the second problem we had
that was fun though, we should do it again sometime
haha that was very interesting not gonna lie haha I was really nervous
to be honest my friend only helped me on like 2. good practice for me
Well thats good! If I would of had to do that by myself it wouldn't of been good
oops Openstudy crashed on me
LOL look how long this chat is
haha I know its pretty long
well if you need help on another one of those just let me know. ill be around
Okay Well I have A whole big review so I prob will need you haha
well its like 15 questions its not long or anything
no prob, i'd be glad to
Awesome! I will try and do some now and see what I have left over that I cant get... Do yuo want me to post in here or make a new question and tag you?
you can just post it in here
Okay talk to you in like 20mins then(:
alright, good luck!
Thank you!
Okay @blurbendy I ended up with like 6 left
Alright, good job!
yeah shocking haha So can you help with the last few?
of course
Awesome okay, one sec
LMNP is a rectangle. If LN = 5x – 8 and MP = 2x + 1, find the values of x, LN, and MP. a.4; LN = MP = 4 b.3; LN = MP = 7 c.1; LN = MP = 67 d. LN = MP =
D. 5/3 LN =MP 29/3
hmm, this one is tricky, one sec
ah, okay, it's B
okay next... Find the values of the variables in the parallelogram. The diagram is not to scale. a.x=37 y=37 z=143 b. x=33 y=37 z=143 c. x=37 y=33 z=110 d. x=33 y= 37 z=110
1 Attachment
Which diagram shows the most useful positioning and accurate labeling of an isoscles trapezoid in the coordinate plane?
a. k = 5 m = 8 w = 1 z = 3 c. k = 2 m = 2 w = 1 z = 1 b. k = 59 m = 43 w = 35.4 z = 31 d. k = 1 m = 4 w = 1 z = 2
1 Attachment
LMNO is a parallelogram. If NM = x + 15 and OL = 3x + 5, find the value of x, then find NM and OL. a.x = 7, NM = 20, OL = 22 b.x = 5, NM = 20, OL = 20d. c.x = 7, NM = 22, OL = 22 x = 5, NM = 22, OL = 20
1 Attachment
Awesome! Thank you so much!
my pleasure, anytime!
Well You def helped me out a TON! I am really happy about that quiz! Thanks again!
I had fun! (even tho you were nervous :p)
Haha I was nervous because I failed that once when I was on my own and I was really hoping to finish it all up by tomorrow so I was like I cant fail this! haha but it was really great to get to talk to you!
you too, don't be a stranger!
Yeah hopefully I will catch you again soon! Keep in touch!
kay, laters!

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