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9. Which of these details from Gabriel García Márquez's story "The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World" does NOT contribute to the story's magical realism? (1 point)the mystical effects of the drowned man upon the villagers the abnormal size of the drowned man the unusual weather patterns the futuristic elements in the village 10. Identify the sentence taken from Toni Cade Bambara's story "Blues Ain't No Mockin Bird" that uses dialect. (1 point)“Looks like a plastic spider web,” she said. “A sort of weird spider, I guess, with many mental problems.” The tall man with a huge camera
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The tall man with a huge camera lassoed to his shoulder was buzzing our way. “So here comes . . . this person . . . with a camera, . . . [said Granny] Takin pictures of the man in his misery about to jump, cause life so bad and people been messin with him so bad. This person takin up the whole roll of film practically. But savin a few, of course.” Like people wouldn’t pay her for things like they said they would. 11. Choose the correct description of a memoir and an autobiography. (1 point)Both are nonfiction narratives, but a memoir has a narrower focus on a particular memory, time period, or place from the author's life, while an autobiography more generally covers the writer's whole life. Both are nonfiction narratives, but an autobiography has a narrower focus on a particular memory, time period, or place from the author's life, while a memoir more generally covers the writer's whole life. A memoir is a fictional account of a time period, place, or memory of a person, while an autobiography is a nonfictional narrative about the writer's life. They are essentially the same thing. (It didn't let me post it all at once.)

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