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I can't stop loving you, this love is so deep everytime I talk to you, my heart skips a beat I can't go on without you near, it's hurts to not see you here the gentle touch your hand so brings brings me to my knees i love you more than words can speak I love you with all my heart that's so deep!

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ha thanks girl! :D I wasn't a fan but I figured I'd see what things I can get..
it's for my baby girl.. @bakonloverk

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Other answers:

lol :D Yeah!! I'm hopin she'll see it..
Yeah well hope she does!:D
me to girl.. lol :D I have so many poems just don't know what people will say
Wow that is cute :DDD
awh thanks girl!! :D
No problem
Wait just a flower-sniffin` minute! What exactly do you mean...for your "baby girl"?
uh my girlfriend!!
why do you not accept it either? I understnad, but yeah that's my girlfriend..
I am seriously re-considering my attempt to socialize with people in my age group.
seriously, if you can't accept the fact that it's EVERYWHERE not just in our age group then forget it.. YOu know why I don't come out is because of this sh*t right here, i'm not accepted. I accept everybody for who they are, and the moment I come out it's like oh now she's a disease or something.. fine if you wanna be that cool, but I"m not gonna change because people say stuff like that
Yep she accepts me and i am bi with a gf
I am sorry, I do not mean to offend. And that is not the entire reason for my statement. I don't like anyone similar in age to me. Nothing personal!! I just find too many negative examples of our civilization, that makes me desire to sever all connections, with the exception of my family. I will take myself elsewhere, so I do not offend again. Have a good day. :)
wow...Im bisexual has different opionons, so just be kind and respect ours. thank you you. bye.
seriously? That has nothing to do when the fact of me stating that I have a girlfriend! I said that and you was like i'm re-considering hanging with my age group. and okay what do you mean by negative? You think that me being bi or something is negative!? it's all over the world so if you're gonig that way you're gonna shut the whole dam* world out!! but again, I only ask that you reconsider posting on things considering the fact that it may hurt others personally, and why suicide rate is higher b/c of things like this..
It hruts me personally b/c my whole life i've never been accepted! so just hear me out ewhen I say I don't have a problem with you or anybody b/c it's just not me, but I do ask to be careful what you say to others due to their personal feeligns
Lol arent people funny? The want you to be yourself, yet they judge you? (: Nice poem though.
@BradNasty thank you!! And exactly what I'm trying to say.. but thank you:)
No no, you misunderstand. I am not talking about you, or the old guy down the hall, I mean humans IN GENERAL are starting to disappoint me, again, NOT like you! I sincerely apologize for my statements, And I hope to make amends. To avoid further confrontations, and un-intentional offenses, I will study elsewhere. Goodbye, and I hope you have a good day.
OMFG like serouly ppl in all age goups are bi or les i bet u if a lebian couple started kissing in front of you,u would be losing yo mind and i am telling u cuz my ex-bf did that @PlantMan
Seriously lesbian *
you're never gonna get away from Humans! it's all around us.. Nothing will change unless the people are willing to change! It's up to the people..
UMMM technically we are hybrids (alien hybrids)
Please stop bringing homosexuality back up. I thought I moved past that, It does not offend me, and again, I am talking about ALL bad things that ALL Humans do. Oh and Brittany, I can sure try...
people make mistakes everyone does, even you! Some people claim to not do anything bad, but in all reality you'll never escape from bad things, it's just the way the world is~!!
^^^^ True very true
Lol ok, give him a lil leadway now, but you have to think about who raised this generation to be who they are
yeah exactly! it was our, blame parents
wow weird conversation here but thx britt i love it
your welcome baby girl!

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