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1. Using Erikson’s theories as a guide, choose the best explanation for the notion that adolescent “identity crisis” is the single most significant conflict a person must face. (1 point) Once you resolve the identity crisis, you have very few, if any, conflicts as life progresses Resolving the identity crisis will allow you to plan for, and make decisions about, future endeavors How you deal with the identity crisis is telling of how you dealt with past conflicts Not successfully resolving the identity crisis will lead you to becoming a negative person
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Our "identity" is basically the way that we perceive ourselves, and who we are. It's a complete list of things that we believe make us a unique individual, in society. Our identity is ideally something that we, ourselves, can be comfortable with. Something that we can accept. We can sit down, think about our identity, and say, "Yeah, that's who I am. And I like it." ~~~~~~~~~ An "identity crisis" is an internal conflict. It's where we just cannot figure out who we are, and who we want to be, in life. It's where we have no idea about the way that we would like to see ourselves. Erik Erikson, the psychologist, believed that we all go through an "identity crisis," at some point in our lives. Most people get past this stage. Some people don't. In order to make plans about the future, like our careers, and how we'll pursue our interests, we must first figure out our own identities. If we don't even know who we are, and who we want to be, then it becomes very difficult to make future plans that involve our own lives.

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