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Why can't I fully send a message or Why can't I send a message without refreshing the page? Why can't I even switch from one subject to another? Is OS Hating me or something now?

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it's just a beginning there is a lot to come on your way to face, dont worry , you will be habituated of these soon :D OS doesnt hate anyone , it loves so much that it never allows you to change anything , even if you are offline you will be shown online :D dont take it sarcastically but unluckily this is what has been happening to me and its bit annoying :(
Uhm wow. Lol I don't have those issues. I've found OS works best in Firefox and make sure you have the most recent addition. Also, clearing your cache every now and then helps.
that never helped me i reinstalled my mozilla and did whatever i could have finally said, lets wait, when next time owl goes for refreshment i will be shown offline :D

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Other answers:

Ah, Okay... Did you guys get this message?
what message ??
Si, si
what does si si stands for lol
It's yes for Spanish haha
lol , thats bit unusual to me ja ja
by the what message are you guys talking about?
I think notifications?
what kinda notification , all i know is this person is sick of OS at the score of 47 :D
LOL :D sorry nvm !!
oh i forgot
... I'm not sick of OS I really like OS and I was talking about the message I sent I was wondering did you guys get it or did my message get messed up...
Did you send me a personal message?
Or private or whatever they call it
no no dont worry OS is not that weird , your message will be delivered to the recipient may be thrice or twice but it wont get messed up lol , i aint saying you are sick of this sorry, i am just saying that its annoying you :(
Yeah a bit and there's no need to apologize it's only natural for one to say what they think... :)
this is what i perceive after reaching so far :( and the reason behind that is loss of a few super important messages that i couldnt get on mail because i was shown online , here :'(
@ghazi It's not fair is it? @rebeccaskell94 thanks for helping me test out a way to fix it...
yea it aint fair , i posted my question too but it was like trash, none of the mods thought to have a look :( but i am sure as soon as owl goes for some new features it'll be fine ;) and what @rebeccaskell94 has said , is okay but costs loss of a few links because history is deleted :/
I'm sorry :( Glad it eventually worked though. You can clear your cache just by holding down the shift key and pressing refresh though and it doesn't clear your history. Jsyk lol
what does jsyk stands for ? :P
Just so you know haha

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