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  • 4 years ago

I need help. I';m in Honors english 9a.

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  1. anonymous
    • 4 years ago
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    "Borders" 1. What does the mother's refusal to state her nationality as Canadian or American signify? (1 point) that she resents govenmental interference in her life the she identifies with neither country that she comes from somewhere else that she is stubborn and proud "Delfino II: Diez in the Desert" 2. The word __________ is used for someone who smuggles people across the Mexico–U.S. border. (1 point) coyote border patrolista ranchera cougar 3. The first thing that went wrong on Diez’s ill-fated trip was that _____. (1 point) a woman became delirious and died a rash struck those who had been slashed by cactus needles Diez got in a fistfight with his coyote trainee the group was spotted by a Border Patrol helicopter 4. The author's chosen visual images, sensory details, and dialogue all convey a particular feeling in "Delfino II: Diez in the Desert." This feeling is known as: (1 point) tone mood pathos "Mexicans Begin Jogging" 5. Compare and contrast the poem “Mexicans Begin Jogging” and the story "Delfino II: Diez in the Desert." (1 point) Both are written about similar themes (immigration), but the story has a more serious mood than the poem. Both focus on Mexican immigrants, but the story has a lighter tone than the poem. Both main characters are afraid: Diez is afraid of being caught smuggling people over the border, and Soto is afraid of being caught working illegally. The tone in both selections is similar, but the subject matter differs slightly. Choose the word or phrase that best matches the word in italics for questions 6–7. 6. He had left school in junior high, ostensibly because his mother was ill. (1 point) oddly surely fortunately supposedly 7. [H]e had a confidence that protruded like a muscle beyond his thin physique… (1 point) hurt rubbed caved in stuck out Poems Across the Divide 8. The neighbor of the speaker in the poem “Mending Wall” believes (1 point) “good fences make good neighbors.” “good neighbors make good fences.” his wall will keep out wild animals and other predators. his wall will make him forget what he fears. 9. Before he would build a wall, the speaker in “Mending Wall” would want to know (1 point) what he was walling in or walling out. who might be profiting from it. what his family would think of it. how effective it was going to be. 10. Identify the speaker in “I Am the Land. I Wait.” (1 point) an Italian woman an angry environmentalist some binoculars the land 11. What is it that angers the speaker in the poem “I Am the Land. I Wait.”? (1 point) the prospect of being chained and fenced the idea of being cut into smaller parcels the problem of getting people to conserve the difficulties of writing “green” poetry 12. Interpret the symbology used in the poem “Your World.” (1 point) The symbol of a nest signifies the warmth and saftey of home. The symbol of a bird signifies the frailty of humanity. The symbol of a bird flying signifies the potential of a person. The symbol of the globe stands for the diversity of humanity. "Hip-Hop Planet," "Ka'Ba," and "Harlem II" 13. According to McBride, the roots of hip-hop music began in (1 point) West Africa centuries ago. a 19th-century slave ship. the streets of Harlem. Puerto Rico and Jamaica. 14. Evaluate McBride's purpose for writing "Hip-Hop Planet." (1 point) He wrote it to persuade people to appreciate the genre of hip-hop music. He wrote it to offer his opinion on hip-hop music. He wrote it entertain the reader with the story of the evolution of hip-hop music. He wrote it to explain the origins of hip-hop music. 15. The tone of the poems “Ka’Ba” and “Harlem II” might be called (1 point) bitter. defeated. optimistic. syrupy. Choose the word or phrase that best matches the word in italics for questions 16–18. 16. Anita wisely deferred getting a credit card until she got her first salaried professional job. (1 point) delayed preferred referred mentioned 17. Dr. Smith had a rationale for giving his students “A’s”: he believed grades hindered learning. (1 point) choice promise reason manifesto 18. One affluent suburb decided to outlaw bus stops in its neighborhoods. (1 point) backward groomed scheming wealthy 19. What could save black people, according to poet Amiri Baraka? (1 point) the “sacred words” that unloose their imaginations rich benefactors in major cities a socialist political system discarding tired beliefs about racism 20. What images does Langston Hughes use in his poem “Harlem II”? (1 point) raisins in the sun festering sores stinky, rotten meat all of the above 21. Analyze the grandmother's emotions in "Blues Ain't No Mockin Bird." (1 point) She finds the cameramen's comments and actions presumptuous, condescending, and demeaning. She is angry at the men for taking pictures of her grandchildren. She is impatient with the slowness and awkwardness of the cameramen. She resents the cameramen's presence because it makes her feel inferior. 22. In Bambara's story "Blues Ain't No Mockin Bird," who tells the story? (1 point) Granny Grandaddy the grand daughter Cathy

  2. anonymous
    • 4 years ago
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    Can anyone help me?

  3. anonymous
    • 3 years ago
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    what test is this?

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