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¿Would you like to go in Affrica and help people there? write 40 lines

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  • uri
First would you even like to go? D:
yes i would like to go..
what you do if you go in africa ... (imagine)

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Other answers:

  • uri
Why would you like to go? :),And what will you do to help them?
  • uri
You start imagining,and type your points here then we will make a paragraph :)
i would like to go there and help poor people
i am writing essay with this title but i dont know what i write in 40 lines
  • uri
First gather the points,like how will you help those people?
is the main problem how can help those people
  • uri
Most of the people who are homeless have mental health problems or are alchohlic,You can help them
  • uri
And whatelse,what you think?
  • uri
You can feed them,because they live hand to mouth.
medal please..i worked so hard to think of something.
you dont like help poor people
Yeah i helping ppl in italy right now.
do u know 1 direction? I helped there band...
so why you dont help african people
they live without water, food....
i tried helping them but they dont give thanks. to God.
instead they ask for more
its not important for you , they give thanks to God or not
Yeah it is cuz if they dont..they will go to hell
Whats ur religion?
  • uri
Ammarah,stop giving some Racist comments,Maybe better for you,Thanks :) If you can't help her just leave. <-Something for you.
racist? im black myself..
living in africa right now
who do u think u r?
@uri stop giving racist comments.leave if u must jerk.
  • uri
I wouldn't want to go to Africa because the weather over there is hot... It stinks there and theres poo to eat. Also, the people there look disgusting.(no offense) <-- Thats what you said above.
lol no ididnt u said that. u tried to frame me.
stop it guys
yeah stop it uri
Shush all.
no more commentsplease
saifoo r u smart?
  • uri
I did nothing wrong,Im reporting you,Kthxbye.
not if i report u first.
@uri thanks your help :)
  • uri
No problem :) @Muskan,@Ammarah reporting me when i'm doing nothing,Well then.
And @Ammarah it's really mean to comment on someone's facial appearence. Please next time don't use any such comments here.
i didnt
@saifoo.khan please dont interfere in my problems...r u indian?
  • hba
Yo @Ammarah You are now targeting saifoo and calling him an indian,Please stop it.
no im asking him if hes indian
  • hba
If you want to talk to him please PM him or go to the chat box :) Btw,He is Pakistani . too
  • hba
Well @uri is also a Pakistani.
  • hba
is Pakistani.
  • uri
@Ammarah you were black before o.O and african.
i'm both..
half paki and half black
  • hba
Enough with the chat here,Please go to the chat or PM each other if you wanna talk. Thanks in advance.
? what the hell?
  • hba
@hba shut up..
  • hba
Please do not come off as rude,I guess you need to check, The CoC-
who even reads that?
  • uri
@saifoo.khan Please,i would love you for that! :3
woa, love
  • uri
fine, i wont be racist if thats what u people think....and if u block a user how many days does it take for it to unblock saifoo?
by the way uri i unblocked u..
soo do u guys forgive me..??

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