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i need an example of dramatic irony from romeo and juliet
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Juliet does not want to be disowned by her father but go's along with plan to pretend to be dead and be with Romeo. I mean if she really does not care about her parents feelings then she should have just ran away with Romeo without the whole charade.
  • anonymous
Dramatic Irony is when the Audience or Reader knows something that the Characters do not. The Audience becomes aware of facts or information, that the people acting in the play or novel do not know. Oedipus Rex is a perfect example of Dramatic Irony. In this tale the Oracle at Delphi predicts that King Laius will be killed by his Son. Therefore when he conceives a child with his wife, he throws the baby on the mountain to die so that he will not be able to fulfill the prediction. The Baby is rescued and grows up in another kingdom. He see's the Oracle at Delphi who tells him that he will kill his father and lay (sleep with) his mother. Horrified by the fact, he runs away from his adopted parents and journeys to another town. On the way, he gets into a fight with a King traveling along the road and kills him. King Laius. When he gets to this other place, he solves a riddle and defeats a Monster who has been plaguing the city. Thereby winning the heart and right to marry the recently widowed Queen. This is an example of Dramatic Irony. The reader knows that Oedipus has just fulfilled his prophecy and has killed his father and layed with his mother. However, Oedipus does not know this. If he had known he was adopted or known who those people truly were, his actions would have been much different. This idea of a great figure who does not have knowledge, falling to a pitied state but being enlightened is the key part of Greek and traditional Tragedy. Romeo and Juliet is a Shakespearean Tragedy and relies on a lot of the same elements. If someone were to say " I shall strike down whoever killed King Laius with a curse" and YOU knew that the person saying that was the same person who had killed that King.... Well, that would be Dramatic Irony. You know that the person has just cursed himself, but the character does not. He is not enlightened yet. So.... Where do you think Dramatic Irony can be found? What do YOU know before the Characters do? Think of the ending of Romeo and Juliet.... How are the two characters deaths Dramatic Irony? Why does Romeo kill himself? Why does Juliet kill herself? Examine these areas and see if you can figure out some examples for Dramatic Irony.
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They'd do anything to "live together" and be together forever but they end up dying.

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