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anyone good in reported speech ?

I got my questions answered at in under 10 minutes. Go to now for free help!
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  • hba
Sure :)
What is "report speech"?
  • hba
Indirect speech in other words @Opcode

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Other answers:

ok so can anyone help me with basics ? i really losse marks in this part during my english exam
  • hba
"I speak english" < direct speech reported speech > He says that he speaks English.
So it's like a News caster O.o... Interesting.
  • hba
Well i do have a good guide explaining everything and you need to practice this a lot to make you perfect.
wow :)
  • hba
Pronouns,the tense being used,Type of sentence: i.e Interogative,Not interrogative
  • hba
a qn from my last exam : report the foll dialogue Henry:Did you make a will? Abel:Yes, It is locked up in the bureau Henry :And what is in it ,father? Abel:That doesn't matter now.I'm thinking of destroying it and making another i scored 1 mark out of 4 :(
  • hba
These are some good exercises you can practice on the internet
So what if it was: "I am giddy." Would reported speech be like: He says that he is giddy? But then what would be: "He ate a taco?" Wouldn't it be report speech to right?
@hba before doing excercise i need useful material on the basics isnt it?
@Opcode it can be confusing at times if we donot know the basics
  • hba
@AravindG Well,This would be the job of a good teacher who would teach you the above mentioned things but practicing is not a bad idea :)
lols this was taken as a presentation by a student,and she took it badly...
can anyone provide me with a useful doc/link ?
feels great to see evryone typing together :)
@hba In the example it shows the ending of the sentence move to the begging. So say if: "Go eat a taco" she told him. Reported speech would be like: She told him to go eat a taco. Right?
hey Opcode, if that sentence referred to your friend John, then the reported speech would be something like: Opcode said that his friend John ate a taco OR Opcode said that John ate a taco.
  • hba
@Opcode "I am giddy." He says that he is giddy. Is correct :)
And yes, 'She told him to go eat a taco.' is correct.
  • hba
@Opcode is a quick learner :P
can anyone help me?? lols
  • hba
@AravindG Sure :)
it was my qn not opcodes !!
bt i like to learn together :)
  • hba
@AravindG Practice it out my friend :)
@hba i believe we should attempt questions only after theory is clear
Okay what about @AravindG Henry:Did you make a will? So would it be: Henrey asked did you make a will. Abel:Yes, It is locked up in the bureau And this would be: Abel said yes, it is locked up in the bureau. Right?
  • hba
No @AravindG go for it,It's helpful :)
ok will do it ,anyone has any other useful link ?
  • hba
Google it up,There are about 1000's of links coming up in .8 seconds.
Opcode went to google Report Speech... Opcode found this nice site!
  • uri
This is the only thing in which I score marks D:
opcode got the good site aravind is happy loaded operands opcode+operand >>happy :) thank you return 0
@uri :O
Opcode said he like Reported Speech. Opcode said Thank You.
Opcode said he meant to say "Opcode said he like(s) Reported Speech.
  • uri
Give me giveee me ill do your work...I mean help you,oh wait I need to leave this place,ill help ya in 2-3 days.
aravind says he will score good marks for english tomorrow pray=evryone pray++ return thanks
my exam is tmrw!!
finishd studying chapters i am now looking at grammar
  • uri
URI is leaving this place This place is being left by URI.
inst{AravindG} Log; Opcode said what happened to your grammar? end_Log; :script Close (Yush this is really a type of programming language I just can't remember what's the name there is so many just for like LOLCODE :P)
  • uri
Fail tomorrow's test,I'll make you pass with a destintion next time.Bye
this is my answer to Aravind's question: Henry asked his father Abel if he had written a will. Abel said that he had written it and locked it up in the bureau. When Henry enquired about the contents of the will, Abel said it didn't matter because he was thinking of destroying the will and making another one.
thnks rajath
thnks in advanc uri :)
@AravindG give @rajathsbhat the medal. He answered your question not me.
wish i could award u both medal ...bcz u gave me a very nice link for basics opcode
  • uri
Yaay waaaaaater Coooooler ap ka hua *claps* @raj
logo sun hai muche ishqu hua
oh dear never fear raj is here!
thanks guys :)
  • uri
Logo sai suna hai mujhe isqh hua hai :3 *blush*
  • hba
Are we done with this ?
yep i have a new qn check it out
Let this die in peace. To many notifications...
  • uri
Waaaaaaaaater koooler Raj ka hua,camera ki traf haat hilla due. XDD lmao.

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