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ashleyclark Group Title

geography please hlp i suck

  • one year ago
  • one year ago

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    1. Doku Umarov (1 point) 2. Bloc and Parti (1 point) 3. Felipe Calderón (1 point) 4. Uighurs (1 point) 5. Majaraja Hari Singh (1 point) For questions 6–15, choose the best answer. 6. Why are so many people in Somalia dependent on foreign aid? (1 point)The lack of an effective central government means there is nowhere for the Somali people to turn to for aid. The country's dry climate makes it nearly impossible to grow enough food to feed all of the Somali people. Constant clan warfare deprives the Somali people of the goods and services they need to acquire the basic necessities for life. all of the above 7. What is the definition of scarcity? (1 point)a decrease in population a willingness to pay for a good or service when limited resources cannot meet unlimited wants a decrease in population 8. Who is Aung San Suu Kyi? (1 point)the current head of the State Peace and Development Council the current of head the Myanmar News Agency the current Prime Minister of Burma the current head of the National League for Democracy 9. Which category of conflict is evident in Xinjiang? (1 point)a political conflict an economic conflict a religious conflict a cultural conflict 10. Why did the ruler of Jammu and Kashmir hesitate to join India or Pakistan? (1 point)He wished to maintain his country's independence. The ruler's religion was a different than his people's religion. The ruler feared an invasion by both countries. The ruler wished to remain part of the British Empire. 11. Children in third-world countries die of water-borne diseases such as dysentary, polio, and malaria because they do not have access to clean water. This statement can be categorized as (1 point)a religious conflict and a conflict related to resources. an economic conflict and a conflict related to poverty. a political conflict and a conflict caused by crime. a cultural conflict and a conflict caused by crime. 12. What type of conflict is apparent in Chechnya? (1 point)an economic conflict because of oil reserves in Chechnya a political conflict because Chechen rebels want a parliamentary government a religious conflict because Chechnya's primary religion is Protestantism a cultural conflict because Chechnya wants their dialect to be Russia's national language 13. What was the initial source of conflict in Sudan? (1 point)religious differences between the North and South of the country the South's desire to be an independent country a conflict over who would be allowed to control Sudan's oil reserves a conflict over access to cultivable land 14. What difference between the British and the Quebecois had the greatest impact on the initial conflict between the two groups? (1 point)The English were Protestant Christians, whereas the French were Catholic Christians. Each spoke a different language. The Quebecois had been governed by a republic, and the British were ruled by a monarch. There were no significant differences between the two groups. The conflict was a direct result of the British conquering Quebec. 15. How does the poverty and political instability of Mexico affect the United States? (1 point)Many Mexicans come to the United States illegally. Many Mexican villages are devoid of working-age males. both A and B none of the above Your teacher will grade your response for questions 16 and 17 to ensure that you receive proper credit for your answers. 16. Describe the seven categories that can identify conflicts. As part of your response, be sure to make clear what differences exist between each category. (10 points) 17. Of all of the categories you have studied, which do you believe is the most prevalent in regional conflicts? Be sure to justify your answer by citing which conflicts occur in the category you believe is the most prevalent. (5 points)

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is replying to Can someone tell me what button the professor is hitting...


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