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10. How do you write “M is the set of whole numbers that are less than 5” in roster form? In set-builder form? please help with this question ?

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This set would be represented by, let it be called set A, then, A= {0, 1, 2, 3, 4}
Thanks !
My pleasure :-)

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Other answers:

Is it clear to you??? I hope you have no doubts... If you have any, you can discuss.
they used to call the list of names that the teacher would call at the start of class a "roster". Roster form is simply naming all the elements one by one; or using the ... as needed
set builder notation uses "equations" or inequations to define the set and can involve "ors" and "ands"
Okay, then the exact solution would go like this- Roster form shows all the elements of the set , in curly brackets, A= {0,1,2,3,4} Set Builder form depicts the properties defining the elements of the set, A= {x: \[ 4 \ge x \ge0\] and \[xin\mathbb{N}\]
Sorry , latex error, this "in" signifies "belongs to"
Can you help me on another one ?
Ya, bring it on...
What are the solutions of : e. 2(t -1) + 3t < 2 f. 4n +2 < 7(n – 13) g. 14 – 6n ≤ 2 (7-3n) h. 4p + 3 > 9p +6 -5p
Check the first one, simplify by opening braces, 2t - 2 + 3t < 2 i.e., 2t + 3t < 4 i.e., 5t < 4 which gives t < 4/5 t∈(-∞,4/5) gives us the solution set...
Be careful about using Round braces (.) or Square braces [.] because they have different meanings, (.) signify that the end points are NOT included, and [.] signify they are contained , like above , infinity and 4/5 are NOT contained, ( INFINITY CAN NEVER BE CONTAINED IN A SET)
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please allow the asker to participate in the solution process :)
But she is NOT replying to my posts, and further this is an example, intended to be used for other parts by herself... Even I am not good at typing much..
Okay, so the answer is ? And who asked @amistre64 for your oppinion ? !
Solution is already there @Biancao9o3o12 ...
Oh okay thanks !
Now solve other parts by yourself @Biancao9o3o12 ... Thanks @amistre64
It's cause I don't really get this ;'c

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