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Veronica sells insurance for a living. She receives a commission of 25 percent on all her monthly sales. She makes 15 dollars an hour and works for 40 hours per week. if she sells 15000 dollars worth of insurance, in the month of March how much will she be paid?

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Please help me.

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Other answers:

I got 3375 for some reason
So lets do what we know.
Salary : 15*40*25 = 3,000 Commission : \[\frac{ 375 }{ 15000} = \frac{ 25 }{ 100}\]
15000 per month on sales. 25% of that.
I typed what I did.
"She makes 15 dollars an hour and works for 40 dollars per week. " Is that supposed to say 40 hours per week? 40$ per week is like 2.70 hours :P
40 hours,yes,sorry
so we do $15 per hour * 40 hours per week * 4 weeks.
wait..can u check what i did
then we need her 25% of her sales. What you did above isn't correct.
not too sure what you were trying to show honestly.
Maybe some math trick or something :p but it's not 15 * 40 * 25.
Can u type what ur doing so i understand it better?
She gets 25% of her sales, her sales total are 15,000. She then additionally gets 15$ an hour, for 40 hours per week, at 4 weeks a month.
Ok.let me try to work it out
Comissions and pay are COMPLETELY different.
so a hint is that you only do it based on their sales.
You could sell 0$ worth of insurance, and still get your 15 * 40 * 4.
could u work it out so i can understand it?
I gave you everything you need, what are you needing help with!?
What would the answer be,then?
What do you think it is?
Do you add them both together?
25 percent of 15000 is 375.
you get the commisions, you get the monthly pay. and add them.
at least i got that right,no?
Everyone should fan @KonradZuse !!
hehe :p
so, 2400 plus
So wee have 2,400 + (15,000 * 0.25)???
2400 is salary
ok. lemme calculate
6.15 I got
I used a calculator
Hmm. Let me try again,
that's a bit off....
as in 6.15k or 6.15?
What is 15,000 * 0.25?
Just 6.15.
2.4 + 15 × 0.25 = 123 20 = 6.15
and we are using 2400 and 15000
Will you give me the answer and re explain? please?
for some reason I'm not getting it.
you need to use the correct values....
6.15 is correct for that, the answer itself is 6,150....
I'm sorry, it might be annoying, ;/
using 2.4, and 15 isn't going to work...
you would also need 0.0025
or 0.00025....
I see what you did, but you cannot chop 0's off of only 2 of the 3.
Type the equation please.
again 2,400 + (15,000 * 0.25)
i think i know what i did wrong
See, I saw on wiki answers that march was 5 wks long
maybe it is 5 weeks? A normal week is 4. That 5 has nothing to do with what you did wrong.... Look at what you posted, and what I posted...
Let me see...
First, the salary.
She gets 15 dollars an hour normally.
She works 40 hours.
15 x 40
600 x 4 = 2400
25 percent of 15000 is
6150 total?
YAY! I finally got it!
Yup, correct.
Thank you!

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