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i'm posting me singing.. opinions? be honest

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1 Attachment
wow! u have talent! ^_^ u sound just like my frnd who sings and she is a pro singing performer! :D
Really? Thanks! (: You literally made my night! That was my 1st cover and honestly just needed some feedback.

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Other answers:

........girl, i'll see you on broadway. call me up! i actually sing too.
Aww! <3 Thanks girl! I'm sure if you sing too, I may see you on broadway!!
i gotcha back!
This makes me feel really good inside. (: hehe, I was scared to post it. :p
what song is it? you shouldve been scared, i enjoyed this, twice.
yea i need to start making my cover videos asap already xD haha! i just need to get my mic to work soon haha!
Home. AWWW! (: You guys are the best.
I just used audacity lol!
lol yea but my mic on my compter isnt working and thats all i got to use xD
love this. i'm going to follow you.
haha! i only have one fan xD wow! lol im such a derp
Thanks Fireflame13! (:
i followed you too ^_^
so welcome.
You're good! This is me singing and playing piano :3
Thanks! So are you, you;re amazing!
You're welcome! Thank you!!
i will see you in classical modern concerts. the voice a little high, the piano awesome. all in all, hello bach!
Haha thanks! Yes. I have a soprano voice. And I just started learning piano this year!
I have a cover of "White Horse" by taylor swift too. Do you want me to post it?
This one is a little more rough..
yes. piano, superb.,the voice,.. beautiful, continue. it's the way you sing with finnese. grace. i love this. keep going. i lift your dreams.
Thank you so much(': That means a lot to me.
no worries, i am happy to have listened. the end is sorrowfully sweet.
Thank you, I think :b
you guys want more?
AND She has spokenz!
I was eating. I'll post more when I'm alone haha. (;

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