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I need to find this information for Italy, Germany, Spain, and the Soviet Union so if you could help with any, that would be radical: What factors encouraged the development of a totalitarian government in this country? Who was the primary leader who took power and what was the name of his political party? What methods did this leader use to take power? In what ways, if any, did the leader appeal to the people? What actions did the leader take to control the country? Thank you ever so much if you can assist! Edit: 1930s Was Right, Sorry. This Was EXACTLY The Help I Needed! Thanks Bunches, Meta!
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1930s I assume? 1.Mass poverty, disillusionment with the current government, and political upheaval. 2. USSR - Vladimir Lenin Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Germany - Adolph Hitler National Socialists, Italy - Benito Mussolini Nationalist Facists, Spain - Francisco Franco Spanish Nationalists. 3. USSR - Civil War[not a complete picture read up on the October revolutions]. Spain - Civil War. Italy/Germany - Propaganda/Elections 4. They all appealed to the people by saying they sympathized with their plight and will make the world a better place for [insert nation here]. 5. All political opponents where either killed, silenced, politically disenfranchised, or forced to flee the country. This was either covertly done or through civil war. All of these are generally over simplified, but it should guide you in actually reading up on it.
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Very well answered Meta. I agree with everything he said, though most is true for any totalitarian government.

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