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Why Dr Lewin solved Newton's equation wrong?

MIT 8.01 Physics I Classical Mechanics, Fall 1999
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Can anyone tell me why Dr Lewin solved Newton's equation wrong?
Is that a trick? For students to figure it out?
What video? What time? Please give reference.

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Other answers:

Elliptical orbits: Kepler said it is an ellipse From Kepler's equation T^2/R^3 = constant; the solution to this equation is not an ellipse but a visual rotating ellipse that gives Mercury's perihelion same as Einstein. It is will known that there is an ellipse but Dr Lewin did not mention that there is a visual extension that solve mercury's perihelion. There is a paper on General science journal "50 solutions of Mercury's perihelion" and it shows the ellipse by Kepler orbital solution and the visual extension of a rotating ellipse. Google/ 50 soltuioons of Mercury's perihelion/ General science journal. This article shows without a least of doubt that you can use any physics formula written by any physicist from any period of time and find the visual rotation and calculate the 43 arc seconds per century same as Einstein. Also the solution of Newton's equation is solved wrong> Newton's equation had been solved in real numbers and if you solve Newton's equation in complex numbers you get quantum mechanics and if you subtract the two solutions you get Einstein numbers from Newton's equation. All that is found in the same article and Dr Lewin does not mention any of it. It seems Dr Lewin is outdated or tricking
There is another article from 1977 said "relativity theory death certificate" and it shows how elliptical orbits visual are rotating ellipses and gives the 43 arc seconds per century. I do not know why Dr Lewin keep giving outdated material. The method descired can be used to caculate visual effect measuering the motion of one object (planet) around another object (Sun) measured from a third place (earth). You can use and physics definition like distance, velocity, acceleration, etc and calculate the visual or measurement errors nad it macthes Einstein's numbers to the last digit of the decimal point. Dr Lewin keep talking about elliptical orbits and never mention that Kepler's laws are rotating elliptical orbits. Is Doctor Lewin outdated?
first of all walter lewi is a proffesor and no a doctor.second of all have you seen the course intoduction. this course is about nenewtonian mechanics.this course dosen't deal with realativity and or quantom mechanics(they learn this subjects in later courses in m.i.t).so this is why he used this "outdated" meterials.i am sure he know about what you are saying but it is a freshman course and he dosen't want to confuse the students.

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