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Plz Check My Anwser. Describe what matter is composed of using your knowledge of the Kinetic Theory of Matter.
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The kinetic theory of matter states that the smallest particles we can detect are made of still smaller particles in constant motion. It does not describe what those smaller particles are made of or where they come from. In my own model, everything in our universe consists of a chaotic mix of ethereal shear waves (regular energy) and ethereal pressure waves (dark energy). Exchange of momentum between the two kinds of waves distorts the flux of dark energy around each shear wave in a certain pattern relative to the shear wave's phase and polarity. This results in forces of attraction and repulsion between pairs of shear waves. One such force causes certain pairs of shear waves to orbit one another, converting their kinetic energy to the rest mass of a particle. Each type of fundamental particle is a strange attractor. Orbiting spins the dark energy flux of the individual shear waves in a spiral pattern. At close range, the spiral patterns around two fundamental particles may mesh like gears, forming a larger orbiting pair of particles. Larger scale strange attractors account for all the known particles. Larger still strange attractors account for molecules, stars, galaxies, and the cosmic foam. The cosmic foam of our universe is the ether foam of a super-universe and the ether foam of our universe is the cosmic foam of a sub-universe. Expansion of space pops cosmic foam bubbles, generating pressure waves which are the dark energy of the next larger-scale universe. Pressure waves shake zones of varying foam density, generating shear waves which are the regular energy of the next larger-scale universe. So particles are made of waves in a medium made of particles in another medium made of waves in a medium of particles .... ad infinitum. That is my own extension of the kinetic theory of matter. ** This is what I have**

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