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Can anyone tell about origin of calculus? I mean the conversation that took place between Newton and others?

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Supposedly it was a bet, a guy named Christopher Wren offered anyone who could find out why planets orbit in weird elliptical ovals and not circles 40 shillings. Newton, being the bad retricethat he was, was like;
Fast forward a few years and BOOM Philosphiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica. Calculus, yo.
So, yeah, it wasn't really a conversation more a wager to... anyone.

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Other answers:

Yeah sure, one day Newton and co. were having a simple get together at his(newton's) home. Newton, like a dude, wanted to try something new, something cool ,along with his buddies, as he used to call them. So he proposed they should sing a song together,the genius minds present there actually wrote a fantastic song (which we now call a rap (sleek-feathered one style) It was something like : lakh 28 kudi da, 47 weight kudi da, aha, yo yo izzack nootan! . . . Suddenly, newton started dancing. THIS MY DEAR FRIEND, WAS THE BEGINNING OF CALCULUS! .:)
And in the time shubham wrote his answer I could've rewatched Code Geass AND invented calculus.
hmm. Sorry buddy, my typing ain't too fast! :|
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lol :D
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every source has different stories omg :o
Because it's mostly just legends. Legends are re-told and exaggerated. Take Benjamin Franklin for instance... that thing with the kite and lightning? NEVER HAPPENED. He made it up.
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