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Which of the following describes Loyalists? (1 point) They decided to fight against the British. They supported British taxation. They thought Patriots were too radical. They wanted to return to Britain.

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They supported British taxation.
it's c....
i have this class

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Other answers:

I can't find this answer anywhere
cookie it is b loyalist were loyal to the crown of england so they would support the colonial taxiation of the people
whats the unit and lesson and class
im taking 3 history classes, and i get them mixed up, econ, american gov, and us history
good with all hist friend me on quit a bit can help
i swear that its C... 2. Which of the following describes Loyalists? (1 point) (0 pts) They decided to fight against the British. (0 pts) They supported British taxation. (1 pt) They thought Patriots were too radical. (0 pts) They wanted to return to Britain. 1 /1 point
You could be right cookie but you have to remember that the loyalist were loyal to the crown of England while they thought the Patriots were radical they were also supporting the taxation of the colonies because most of the loyalist were people that were in favor with the crown therefore if they did not support the crown they lost money in the form of taxes that the crown imposed on the colonies. It is what lead up to the Boston Tea Party because of the unfair taxes on the importation of tea to the colonies
but this is the the test i took that she needs and thats the right answer..
ok cookie I will defer to you but if you would like help I am go with sci and history
Us history is easy
i dont have sci anymore, i did good with that and a's and b+s.. Not a fan of history, but i have 2 A's and a B in the ones im taking.. all the classes i have are eng 11, eng 12, us history, econ (finished only 1 semester), american gov, marine science
is this college or highschool
high school, im graduating at 16..
i've only ever had 1 c it was in geometry B i had a b in geometry a
cookie good for you that is awsome Im 36 and two classes away from my associates degree I went back to school at this age to provide a better life for my family and keep up the strong work ethic it will help you later in life
Thank you so much, I bet your family is proud of you :)
my wife and kids are yes they are I am pulling a 3.43 right now and doing algebra 117 and its kicking my hiney not good with math
That's good. I'm not good with math either, it was always my worst subject. I usually do good with writing papers, especially when i choose the topic.
i hear you me to My World religion class I was the only student to pass it with a 97 percent and my finial which was a 15 page paper was 250 out of 250 a quarter of my grade and my professor who is a professor at a Seminary published it in a Seminary journal and said it did well
That is awesome! I'm happy for you :)
thanks cookie well if you need help im on most nights just look and i am on any way off to bed have to work at 5 take care
Okay, thank you so much. You too.
They thought the patriots were to radical is actually the correct answer.
how has the correct answer

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