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Look at me Now (Puppy Remix)

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I don't see how you can hate from outside the pin, You cant even get in Blue jean pick Blue top pimpin Blue tamborini Blue symbol missin Yeah-Yeah that sh-t look like a bombay I get what you get in 10 years and 2 days Puppies love me im on my cool J if you get what i get what would you say they lick it all off Mrs. Miyagi and them puppy fly doors, hari kar Look at me Now x2 Oh, im getting puppies look at me Now oh, look at me Now yeah im fresher than a labradoodle lil puppie bigga than gorilla cause im picking every puppy that try to come home with me betta hold my bad if im with em I can get em n' they accedentally slip in get in my car Ooops I said in my car i aint really mean to say in my car but since we talkin about my car all of you here say bey to it Im done Ayo Breezy let me show you how to keep the dash rollin when you doing tht thing ova there (thats all i got so far lol im still working on it)
lmao thts good
Nice you wrote this?

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Other answers:

yeah I am writing it lol im not done yet though
haha :)
Wow you did good you are really talented
Thank you lol Imma finish it then re post it I just wanted you to get a tast of what its going to sound like lol
Its sounds great
Nice Bri. Im a writer too, mostly dubstep/rock stuff tho
Oh thats cool and thanks
this is nice. i like this. continue please.,:)

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