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trace the chain of energy transformations in the following instances, starting from the sun until its final form: a) running vehicle until it stops and b) a radio operated electricity from a hydroelectric powerplant
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This is a tricky one because we start with the sun, where fusion reactions provide energy. The sunlight was converted into chemical energy by plants millions of years ago. The fossil fuel (diesel or petrol/gasoline) kept this chemical energy until the fuel was burnt, where the energy mostly went to heat but some was converted into kinetic energy by the car engine and transmission. Slowing the car down converted this kinetic energy to heat in the brake pads and rotors. Next - sunlight again caused evaporation of the sea water, leading to potential energy in the water droplets in the clouds at high altitude. The water fell into a lake or reservoir but released it's potential energy when released down through the hydro power plant turbines. The kinetic energy in the flowing water was converted into electircal potential by the turbines. The voltage (electrical potential) was then converted into sound waves whcih dissipated to heat in the end.

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