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Everyone this is just a reminder plz don't give any answers without an explaination on how you got that answer. If I see it more than 2 times I will just start reporting. Ty =)

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Look out everyone!! You better do as Carniel says! Or OFFICER CARNIEL "will just start reporting"!!
if someone wants an explanation they'll ask for it, otherwise who cares just give it to them, and besides many people ask a question to verify their answer
@happykiddo You're a rebel. I like rebels. You get a medal.

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Other answers:

oh yeah, right on..... fight the power
@InYourHead Funny how your ignorance reflects who you are :o
@happykiddo You do that and watch the mods swarm in. I'm just trying to get everyone to follow the rules.
hey @happykiddo hi :) i really appreciate you helping people. But giving direct answers or entire solution at once will not help the asker learn how to solve the problem by himself/herself, which means whether they ask or not, don't give it to them. You see, this is learning site and not answering site. So, i would like to request you to engage/interact with the asker and make them reach the correct answer. And we care! Thank you :)
My ignorance "reflects who I am"?? Who am I, exactly? Buddy, the Report Abuse button can be used by anyone. You wanna report somebody for ABUSE, because they neglect to give an explanation for their answers? Are you the type of person who calls 911 when the guy at McDonald's gets your order wrong?
@InYourHead Please read the Code of Conduct. It is 100% unacceptable to provide answers without explanations. Doing so will, as moderator time permits, result in warnings, suspensions, and permanent bans depending on how willing you are to improve your behavior. If you want to find answers, please google them or ask a friend to do your work for you. If you are seeking to learn, we welcome you on OpenStudy. Similarly, if you want to simply give answers away, please give them to your friends elsewhere. If you are seeking to teach and aid others in gaining new insight and understanding, we welcome you on OpenStudy. Carniel is completely in the right here, and being disrespectful of him and his attempt to inform the group of the Code of Conduct is also not acceptable behavior on OpenStudy.
Meantime, Carniel, the subject of respecting your fellow users applies to you as well. Comments like “Funny how your ignorance reflects who you are :o” are in no way respectful or constructive.
I share Carniel's policy of providing explanations for answers. If Carniel doesn't believe me, s/he can look at my history. Just know that I have absolutely no problem with a Moderator's input.
If you agree with him, then what was the point of making fun of his post? You already abide by the rule that he stated in the question, so where's the sense in doing what you did?
I had a problem with seeing someone wave around the right to Report Abuse as though it were some kind of badge. We're not administrators. We follow the rules, and help others. There are enough administrators who remind us to follow the code. When I was 12 years old, I was perfectly fine with staying inside the boundaries set by teachers. But those other 12 year old kids who would go around yelling "you're not allowed to pick the flowers in the field! Stop it or I'm TELLLINGGGG!" God they were annoying.
You're right...
You all have the right to report abuse, and doing so is the only thing that prevents the site from descending into chaos. This isn't school. The authorities can't oversee everyone here all the time, or even most of the time. We rely on the community to advise each other as to what behavior is appropriate, and to let us know when things get out of hand. This is fundamentally a community site, while school is fundamentally a dictatorship or a monarchy, depending on how you see it (no matter how benevolent some monarchs may be). On a community site, the understanding that there are disadvantages from your fellow users to misbehaving is a reinforcing social benefit that is at least as important as moderator intervention.
@shadowfiend Srry but ppl keep thinking im in the wrong when im really trying to keep them out of trouble. Its very annoying if you know what I mean.
@Inyourhead I'm not waving around the report button... Just tried of ppl keep doing things they not suppose to do even when I try to help them....
I get frustrated sometimes too. Really I do. I'd like for people to provide clear cut explanations for answers too. Make an effort to actually GIVE the person an opportunity to understand a concept. The reality is that if you're not seen as an authority figure, telling someone to do something is going to make them not want to do it. When we were children, even authority figures, like our parents, had trouble getting us to follow orders sometimes. We naturally resist being told what to do. It's a part of the human condition. We carried this resistance when we were children. And we carry it into adulthood, the only difference being that we have better reasoning skills now, and are more equipped to override our instinctive thoughts and feelings. But the bigger, and more obvious issue, is that we humans, by nature, do not respond well to threats. ESPECIALLY if the person giving the threat is not an authority figure. Anger and resistance are our natural response to threats. If you want someone to do what you want, making threats is not the best way to go about it.
Either way, the message he's trying to convey is good.
I'm about to show you two ways of trying to get you to do what I want: -- "If you get me that cookie jar, I'll really owe you one." -- "Get me that cookie jar, or else I'll take back the money that I let you borrow from me earlier." Which version makes you feel more agreeable? More comfortable with doing me the favor of fetching the cookie jar? ~~~~~~~ If you pick the FIRST version, you're not alone. And the biggest difference between the two is that the SECOND version contains a threat. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ The VERY first comment, that I made under this post, was in response to the threat. Not the message. I had no problem with the message. Even moderators know enough not to threaten us, when they ask us to provide explanations.
Didn't I ask though :o?
Yes, you did ask. I had no problem with what you asked. Your threat irked me.

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